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So, as some of you might know, my husband and I have three dogs. So that alone in a one bedroom house is kinda crazy. But we both love our dogs and well dogs in general. Recently, my husband even started his own dog training business, The Canine Training Camp.  I am a dog trainer in training and have so far loved learning the tricks of the trade.

We also decided to become foster dog parents Saving Paws, a local animal rescue. We started just over a month ago and have already fostered a handful of dogs. It had been a great experience, even if our dogs do get jealous of the love and attention our foster dogs get sometimes.

So our house house has been crazy lately and full of dogs but with my allergy meds on hand and lots of cuddles, I think I will survive.

-An extraordinary no one and crazy dog lady


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The Come Back Kid   Leave a comment

Hello all!

I know it has been awhile since I have made a blog post, what else is new right? As always, I will try to get better at this but in the mean time here are some updates:

  • I finished a bunch of the things on my bucket list (okay so nine of them or so but that is still good right?)
  • I tried to dye my hair teal but it just ended up green-ish for a few days, I have to bleach my hair and I’m in denial about that.
  • My dogs had puppies! Nine of them and they were so cute but stinky! They are all in their loving forever homes now.
  • I’ve gone through at least 5 pairs of tennis shoes. I buy the cheap ones because I have found I wear them out just as fast as the expensive kind.
  • I finally registered to talk the test I need to start my program at school (it took me long enough).
  • My husband and I had our one year wedding anniversary!

I can’t think of anymore but all in all life has been treating me well. I’m slowly but surely working on my bucket list and also at being a better cook.  I hope to be starting school in April and writing a lot more on her but I’m not the most interesting person so sometimes it is hard to find things to write about. That is just about it for now.

-An Extraordinary no one who has a lot of catching up to do.

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A New Look   1 comment

I have been wanted to dye my hair for the longest time but never actually did it. Until, yesterday. With the help of my awesome friend Alicia, I now how darker brown hair with a hint of red. Okay, so it is more than a hint of red. I also pierced my ears again.  This successfully crossed two things off my bucket list! That and I am feeling really confident about my new look.

-An extraordinary no one who is feeling a little ginger


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Celebration!   1 comment

So my best friend in the world is getting married! I’m uber (that’s how you spell that right oober, abur, uober… seems right) excited for her. Anyways, we went out and celebrated by going to a wine and paint night. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is it is a night where people who aren’t artistic (or are) get step by step instructions on how to paint something while getting to drink. I didn’t drink because a) I was the driver and b) I’m still just short of 21. It was still a lot of fun though. I didn’t realize until I was just looking through my bucket list that it was on there (I have a terrible memory… don’t judge me.)

We went to Pinot’s Palette which was awesome and I would recommend and no, they didn’t pay me to say that, not enough people read this blog for anyone to pay me to say anything (although I appreciate all of you that do read it!) It was a fundraiser night for Saving Paws which is where my husband and I adopted two out of our three dogs. We had a great night and got to give a proper celebration to my friend before she gets married.


That is us pre painting in our lovely tiaras and smocks. If you look at the painting in the background that is what they were working us through that night. A cat and a dog but they encouraged personalizing them. I decided on two dogs and since it was a fundraiser for the place we adopted Hawk and Harley from, I decided to kind of base my two dogs in the paintings after them. (that and I like them more than hero but shhh don’t tell him I still love him I am just allergic to him and only him it is weird…)


The one with the red collar (left) is supposed to be Harley.

She is a cat dog who loved sitting on the backs of our couches and she is crazy but I love her. She is the dog that I picked out to adopt. The one with the camo/green collar in the painting (right) is Hawk.


He is majestic but also a big oaf and we love him. He is the family dog for the most part although he is way more loyal to my husband.  Long story short though, the wine and paint night was a amazing, I am a little obsessed with my dogs, and a huge congratulations to my best friend Alicia! Here is all of us with our final products:


-An extraordinary no one who was pretty impressed with how her painting turned out.

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101 things in 1001 days: Take Two   1 comment

So on my 18th birthday, I started my first 101 things in 1001 days challenge. March second 2017 was my due date. Obviously this day had come and gone and I just wanted to take a bit of time to reflect on this and to also explain how I am doing this challenge. A lot has happened since my 18th birthday: good and bad but mostly good.  I graduated from training, I have had a fair amount of illnesses, I got married, I became a home owner, I realized that I had depression and started getting help for it and still am even if I fail sometimes, and I also got three puppies.

I have also done 46 our of the 101 things on my list. I obviously didn’t finish all of them but I am pretty proud of my number. Instead of just saying be done with this or keep going until I finish it, I am doing it a little bit differently. Ever 1001 days I am going to revamp the list. Put new ones where ones complete are and get rid of a few that I don’t want to or can’t return anymore. So here is the new list. I am starting this new list tomorrow (4/21/17) so my new date is January 17th 2020.

Keepers:                                                                                                                                                 aka things from the last list that I haven’t finished but don’t want to let go of just yet 

  1. Edit and submit “A kiss from the father of lies” to a publisher
  2. Go to all 50 states (airports don’t count), 1-5
  3. Read 100 books
  4. Go to 5 different countries (again airports don’t count)
  5. Get regularly involved in volunteering
  6. Help my mom declutter her basement
  7. Go back to Devil’s Lake
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Take my nephew on an adventure
  10. Join a book club
  11. Learn to french braid
  12. Learn how to play a song on piano that is at least one page long
  13. Participate in a flash mob
  14. Go snowmobiling
  15. Read a book in a foreign language
  16. Spend an afternoon reading in nature
  17. Pick a cookbook, cook everything in it
  18. Play a game of messy/paint twister
  19. Send at least 10 surprise packages to friends or family “just because.”
  20. Participate in a tough mudder
  21. Buy someone’s order from behind me
  22. write two short stories: ONE
  23. Participate in a zombie run DONE (no link)
  24. Take a kickboxing class
  25. Take a cooking class
  26. Make some kind of investment no matter how small
  27. Complete 5 DIY projects (not including T-shirts)
  28. Make a map of places gone and places I want to go (red and yellow push pins)
  29. Join some kind of for fun community sports league (preferably soccer or rugby)
  30. Read the whole bible
  31. Go back to a tuba Christmas (to play in)
  32. Sleep under the stars
  33. Make a custom recipe book with all my favorite things to make
  34. Go rock climbing
  35. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  36. Do the polar plunge again
  37.  Make cheese
  38. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor DONE! (no link)


  1. Get to the top of a rock wall DONE! (no link)
  2. Participate and win NANOWRIMO again
  3. Get back down to 160 pounds
  4. Go to a concert DONE! (no link)
  5. Do another Spartan sprint
  6. Hot air balloon ride
  7. Go to College
  8. Go on a cruse
  9. Learn sign language
  10. Go to a wine and paint night DONE!
  11. Go to DCI finals or semi-finals
  12. Go paint balling
  13. Penguin encounter
  14. Swim with the dolphins
  15. Whitewater rafting
  16. Ride a mechanical bull
  17. Karaoke DONE! (no link)
  18. Dye my hair DONE!
  19. Buy another property
  20. Flip a house
  21. Fillet a fish
  22. Write another poem
  23. Make a book for my nephews
  24. Go ice fishing
  25. Shoot artery again
  26. Kayak DONE! (no link)
  27. Visit a ghost town
  28. Visit a castle
  29.  Eat a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia
  30. Visit the Bad lands
  31. Learn to play a song on a guitar
  32. Learn how to make butter beer
  33. Go to Harry Potter World (both halves)
  34. Plant a garden
  35. Plant a tree
  36. Go Paragliding
  37. Learn to mix 5 different drinks
  38. Visit Niagara falls
  39. Get my passport again
  40. Build a working piece of furniture
  41. Ride an elephant
  42. Learn how to drive stick shift
  43. Post at least one vlog
  44. Start a blog with my husband
  45. Collect 50 shot glasses
  46. Complete the IMDB Top 250 Movies
  47. Don’t Talk a Whole Day
  48. Go to the abandoned Wizard of OZ amusement park
  49. Get a Half-Sleeve Tattoo
  50. Get my ears pierced DONE!
  51. Go Bar Hoping DONE! (no link)
  52. Have a black tie dinner at a fast food joint
  53. Go hunting
  54. Go on a submarine ride
  55. Go to a restaurant for just dessert DONE! (no link)
  56. Put a Random Item in Someone’s Shopping Cart
  57. Ride a Jet Ski
  58. Watch a Blue Man Group show
  59. Write 365 Letters to Someone
  60. Go to Alcatraz
  61. See the Grand Canyon
  62. Ride in a helicopter
  63. Shower in a waterfall

11/101 complete

-An extraordinary no one who will never give up on her bucket lists


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Nothing about the Election   Leave a comment

Good morning everyone, I know right now all your facebook pages are blown up with people being outraged or people being happy or even just unsure how they feel (which happens every four year) so I am going to talk about something different.

So this past weekend, I got a chance to listen to one of my higher ups speak to a group of us. He brought up a statistic about 18-24 years old failing at a certain aspect of our job. They went around asking people why they thought they were failing. Some people said motivation problems which I can understand a little bit. Then they got down the line, Some said the answer to the question was video games.

That made me a little angry.

To give a little background, the thing people in that age range are failing is the pt test (The physical standard of being in the army). And yes, I am one of the people failing it. He was talking about how our leadership was letting us down. Which, I agree to an extent. It is my fault that I am failing it. It is their fault that I don’t care.

Let me explain something, I have been passed from leader to leader over the past couple of years. Some of them haven’t cared, others have called me a failure and everything that is wrong with my generation, others have been hopeful but then have started pretty much ignoring me.

And no, I don’t think the reason that people my age are failing is because of video games. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some people that are too busy playing video games to do anything else but I feel like it isn’t a lot of people. Never once, did someone ask me why I wasn’t passing my pt test.

People only ever told me that I needed to fix it.

Which is obvious, but everyone who has a basic understanding of how things work, that you can’t fix a problem without knowing the underlying problem. Everyone always just told me ‘go out and do it.’ or ‘run and you will get it’ but what if it isn’t that easy for me? No one ever asked my why I was failing they just told me something I already knew.

No one ever bothered to find out that it is hard for me to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone go for a run. No one ever bothered to find out that running stresses me out because all I can think about is that I am failing. That I have broken down in the middle of a run because of it. And yes, all of them would probably just say that I am making excuses which maybe I am. But I see it a different way, I see it as a problem that I need help fixing. So yes, when someone makes a generalization like I am failing because of video games, it makes me a little angry. Any generalization at all, kinda makes  me a little upset.

-An extraordinary no one

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Gone Fishing   1 comment

When I was a kid, I took a class in the summer called river studies. In this class, we learned about fishing and I fell in love. Sure it isn’t the most glamorous thing to do but it is fun to reel in a fish, no matter how little. The problem is once I turned 16 I needed a license and I never really got around to getting one until recently. Then it took us a while to actually go out but we did! We didn’t get many big fish, heck the second day I reeled in a fish that was practically bait. It was fun though and hopefully we can go a few more times before it gets too cold.


-An extraordinary fishing no one

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