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I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not the best writer or speller or grammarer¬† (seriously internet don’t eat me, I know you own some Grammar Nazis but I’m trying my best, also sorry for all the made up words….). I’m just a teenage girl (scary isn’t it?) and for whatever reason I decided to make a blog. You can actually blame my sister for that one since she has been trying to drag me into the blogging world for quite sometime now. I guess it worked even though she doesn’t know that I’m making this nor am I sure if I am going to tell her about it, at least not right away anyways.

I’m not even sure what I will be writing about. There are so many things in this world that are right in front of me that I just need to reach out and grab; maybe that is what I will write about. Because I am an extraordinary no one. (Ahh fragment, someone get the fire for the torches going and did I mention the pitch forks?) But what is an extraordinary no one? In simple terms I’m normal, not in the sense that I act normal because if you ask any one who knows me you will soon learn that isn’t a word most of them would use when talking about me. It is more that I am by most people’s standard’s unimportant. I could walk into your life and maybe you would remember me but what would you remember? Would I make a difference? Probably not. Most people are no ones but no ones to me seem like the best people in the world. Because I’m not just an extraordinary no one, I’m also the one who notices others. I’m not going to try and convince you that I’m that girl that sits alone but I am that weird girl. People who are friends with me always seem shocked that people hate me, or that I’ve been called a bitch, or a slut. Although I don’t really understand the slut one yet since I have never kissed a guy, let alone slept with one. But that is reality o one is one hundered prevent likeable so why should I try to be a people pleaser?

Anyways, I got distracted where was I? Oh yes, so this is me being me- an extraordinary no one.


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