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So people are often confused as to why I don’t wear make-up every day. I’m a junior, or senior now I guess, in high school so I guess it is a bit strange. The truth is that it makes me feel so much less confident about myself. People always tell me I am beautiful or pretty when I dress up and wear make-up. It makes me feel like other days people look at me and judge me because I’m not wearing make-up.

So than why do I put myself myself through the hassle of putting on make-up in the first place. I think that it is because of the attention I do get when I do dress myself up. I think that maybe guys will finally notice me and see me as something more than just that weird girl with no figure or self respect. The only promise is that they still don’t. They just figure I’m searching for attention I guess and my friends always accuse me of doing it to impress a guy but I of course deny this even if it happens to be true. This probably makes me vain but I’m a teenage girl, isn’t that what is expected of me?

The sad thing is though, I’m finally giving in. For Senior year, I have full intentions of reinventing myself. I’m joining the cross country team and I am going to wear make-up every day and dress better. I have no idea what the purpose behind me doing this is but ¬†sometimes I just feel like a walking talking Barbie doll.

-An extraordinary no one  apparently do anything to get noticed


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