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I am a liar but face it so are you   Leave a comment

New things and new people have always intrigued and terrified me at the same time especially since for me more often then not these things go hand in hand. I always seem to like the fact that I met them or tried this new thing after it all has happened but during and before I am a bit of a wreck. So many hypothetical scenarios run through my head. What if they think I am odd or what if I make a fool of myself? And since when am I the kind of person to care. I think that whenever someone says that they don’t care what others think about them that they are lying. The degree of the lie changes from person to person but let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t care about at least what one person thinks of them. As much as we don’t want to be dictated by what others see as being ‘cool’ or ‘normal’ we are. And I will be the first to admit that when I say I don’t care what people think about me it is a straight up lie.

I’ll give an example or two since I have now established myself as a liar so why would you trust me?

So I am in a marionette troop and what is a marionette troop you might ask? Well it is a puppet performing group you know those kinds on the strings that are in “The sound of music” that probably freaked you out as a kid . Other notable marionettes include Pinocchio if you haven’t seen “The sound of music” and well if you still don’t know what it is Google it or something. Anyways back to my point…. side track side track ain’t nobody got time for that. I truly enjoy being in my puppet group and not because it will look great on college applications. By the way, fun fact we are the only high school aged marionette troop in the United States! (Go nerds!) The thing is though that I am always ashamed of being in it. None of us in it are really the kind to be popular or fit in but we all some what manage but I’ll be honest puppet club probably isn’t helping. We are the kind of kids who go to a children’s puppet show (us being the oldest there besides all of the teachers and parents of course) and get overly excited that we get to go back stage. We treat the people behind the puppets like they are the singer’s on the radio that we listen to every day, getting nervous when it is our turn to speak. We aren’t your normal teenagers but I still shouldn’t be ashamed of something I truly enjoy and yet I am.

Another fun fact about me is that this up coming school year which just so happens to be my senior year, I decided to join the cross country team. And believe me I am not the best runner heck I probably can’t even be considered a good runner. This leaves me a little bit nervous about my joining to team because what will all these hard core runners on the team think about me? But a friend of mine who is also on the team and also a slowish runner convinced me of it. This summer at the first unofficial practice I could actually make it to, she couldn’t. I was still slightly determined to go though but I was a nervous wreck. I was giving myself the opposite of a pep talk and telling myself that I was going to fail but I put on my running shoes and went anyways. That didn’t stop me from questioning my decision though seeing as I got so panicked I drove right past the main entrance of my school so I had to take a different way in once I had calmed myself down. It turned out to be okay but I was sure glad she was there the next day when we went on a six mile run.

-An extraordinary no one who is willing to get over the fear


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