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Writer’s Block   Leave a comment

If you ask any writer, the think that probably gets most in their way of writing is writer’s block. Or so they say. But is writer’s block really even a thing? Or is it just an excuse? One of my friends who is also participating in Nanowrimo told me that she had writer’s block. I told her to just start writing no matter how much you may think it is offal writing.

I thought that this was pretty good advise. So I decided to take a little bit of it. Seeing as I am ahead, I decided to write a blog post instead to get the creative juices flowing. I wonder though if they haven’t stopped but rather I am afraid of where they are leading me. 

I will be the first to admit that my ideas can be a bit strange some times and I am always afraid of how they will turn out or more importantly how other people will react to them. But I guess this is the month to throw caution to the wind and just write a gosh darn novel already. Which I should really get back to but first, as promised a sneak peak of my novel November book:

A crash always goes in slow motion at least that is what anyone will tell you. The moment when the headlights of the oncoming car flare in your eyes. The moment when you slam on the breaks in a futile attempt to save yourselves and your passengers. The moment of the actually crash where you just see everything in mid air flying around you. People say that when you get into a car crash like this one, a near death experience as they are called, that one’s life flashes before their eyes. But how much truth is in that really? A car is coming toward you and all you are thinking about is that puppy that you got on your tenth birthday? Very unlikely. No, you are probably cursing or screaming or trying to figure out how they heck you got to this point because this very well might be the day that you die. Or worse. It might be the day that you don’t.

(This is unedited so it probably has loads of mistakes in it, thank you in advanced for pointing them out to me 😉 )

-An extraordinary no one who is going to get back to writing her book now



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A poem and NanoWrimo   Leave a comment

So I am going to go in reverse order of the title. First off, I am participating in National novel writing month (nanowrimo) in this lovely November. I happen to be ahead in my word count for today so I decided why not make a blog post about it. So I attempted this crazy month of trying to write 50,000 words in a month last year but I barely even made it to 20,000 (wait nope I did not even make it to that. Oh the shame…). This year though I am feeling much more confident about it and I have it planned ahead much farther then I did last time. I even know the ending this year which on a scale of one to ten, one being the most important it is probably about a two with the most important being the beginning. And right there is writing in a nutshell my friend, well you know minus the middle and the climax and you know character development and proper English… and oh my good gravy what have I gotten myself into?


Sorry I am fine again. So I am only going to give a few things away from my book like the name of it is “A Kiss from the Father of Lies” and that it is narrated by the Devil. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the month (maybe) or possible even an excerpt or two that I can actually show to other human beings.

So with these thoughts I will leave you will a poem that I wrote about a week ago:

They call her porcelain doll

Perfect smile, Perfect teeth, Perfect hair

Perfect everything

They call her porcelain doll

Set out on a shelf to be admired

but never really taken seriously

They call her porcelain doll

and girls like me are taught to hate her

You’ll never be that pretty

You’ll never be that great

You’ll never be that perfect

as the girl over there with the size two waist

But that porcelain doll has learned to hate me

She’ll never be this real

She’ll always be to fake

to be taken seriously in this world

that always expects you to be what you’re not

But I’ve been torn apart

ripped into pieces

sown back together

and had a smile plastered on my face

so many times

too many times

To know that pain is not beauty

but beauty is how you handle pain.

Because they call her porcelain doll

But me?

I call her Raggedy Anne.


So that was my slightly angst filled, teenage girl poem. So let me know what you think (or don’t that is cool too). 

-An extraordinary no one who is pretty darn proud to be herself right now


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