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Yes sir, no sir, never sir. Maybe sir?   Leave a comment

Yes sir, no sir, never sir. Maybe sir?

Yesterday, I said the first three of these phrases many many times. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I was planning on enlisting in the United States Army. Well yesterday at about 10:30 am I took my oath of service and I am officially a member of the United States Army Reserves. My MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is a health care specialist but I will mostly be referred to as a medic or a 68Whiskey.

I am excited but I will have to admit that it was slightly intimidating going to a hotel with about 20 other human beings from the ages of 17 to about 21 and knowing that the next day all of you will hopefully be enlisting or shipping off to boot camp. It didn’t help that the hotel was probably thee nicest hotel that I have ever been in and I felt a bit out of place in my athletic pants and t-shirt. Not to mention I was one out of two girls. I am thankful though because I got along extremely well with the other girl who also happened to be my roommate.

Through the whole think, I was excited and terrified at the same time. The army, even if it is just the reserves, is a big commitment and it is something that through a lot of prayerful consideration I have decided for my life. In this whole process. The quote above (the picture by the way is something I made on because well I wanted to make it a bit snazzy and it was the first quote picture maker that popped up on Google) had been popping into my mind throughout all of this bible passage: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11). Neither of which I actually remembered in their entirety until I searched for them but I did know one thing. That no matter what my decision God has a plan for me and he will help me along the way.

-An extraordinary no one and a future soldier of the United States of America


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Count your blessings   1 comment

In the Zero to Hero challenge (which I am a bit behind on because of having to deal with semester finals last week) the challenge for day six was to incorporate a new element. I was going to have a picture but seeing as my state (Wisconsin) is frozen over and I wanted to take a picture of a graveyard that idea was kind of scratched. One day though, that post will become a reality. So instead, I decided to share this wicked awesome thing that I found on Pinterest: They are called blessing bags and I think they are a great way to give back to one’s community. I do not live in a big city and so seeing homeless people is not a regular occurrence to me even though I am well aware that we have good sized homeless population. One of the items on the list is to give a note of encouragement. I like that idea although I want to put a spin of my own on it. I know that whenever I am feeling hopeless or lost I go to God’s word. The first verse that popped into my mind while  writing this verse was Matthew 11:28 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

-An Extraordinary no one who is feeling thankful

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Truth and fear   2 comments

I can’t really remember what motivated me to start blogging besides the fact that my sister blogs and I guess I still have the habit of copying what she does liked I did when I was younger. I guess that I was looking for a way that I could share my options with the world with the safety of a scene to protect me. Which kinda makes me sound like a coward which I have been trying hard for a long time to convince myself I’m not.

But truth is I really am. I am a coward but hopefully that stops here.

I made a New Year’s resolution to stop letting my life being controlled by fear. Which is really what I was thinking about when I started this. I always want to say I’m fearless but I’ve been lying to myself and others. I have always been afraid of how people see me which is why I have fears about things I really shouldn’t like sharing my faith, joining the military, sharing my ideas, my feelings or speaking in front of a crowd. It terrifies me to share my faith because I don’t want people to think I am a Jesus freak. I am terrified to tell people I’m joining the military but actually have little fear of joining because I think people will laugh there asses off when they find out. My ideas are generally out there a bit and it still shocks me when people react positively to them (heck only one person I know face to face knows about this blog and that’s only because she caught me writing it). My feeling are often oppressed because I am afraid of rejection or people getting mad at me. And even though I make a fool of myself on a daily basis the only reason I speak in front of people is because I’m more afraid not to.

I’m working on changing that though. I am enlisting in the military and people are just going to have to deal with it. I even finally asked out the guy I have had feelings for for the longest time which my not seem like a big deal to a lot if my friends since it was a girl’s choice dance and he is too much of a gentleman to have said no. I pray to God every day to give me the courage to share my faith because it is selfish of me not to. I know I still have to work on watching my tongue but maybe one day I won’t have this nagging feeling of fear after I open my mouth.

Generally the truth scares me but I am working hard to set it free.

-An extraordinary no one who is trying not to let fear rule her life

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New year, new start: Zero to Hero   2 comments

So I have already done an introductory post but I have decided to do the Zero to Hero challenge and the first day is to do an introductory post. So I will reintroduce myself I suppose, many things have changed since them anyways. My name is Elizabeth and I have been given every nickname in the book- Lizard-breath, Liz, Beth, Bethaliz, Bitthy, El, Elinor, Betty, Bitty, Pumpkin – but honestly I prefer Elizabeth.

I am currently a senior in High school and the future seems distant in one minute and so close in the next. It is already 2014 and I have only applied to one college and it is not even the college I plan on attending (heck I don’t even think I’m going to college next year). I got accepted and I am not going to lie it felt pretty great. Yes is always a good answer to get. A lot of the times, I am eager to do things and realize later that there were some major flaws in my planning. I get over excited. I have the tendency of being too loud and I’m fairly certain that some people think that I am constantly under the influence of some kind of drug. Truth is, I don’t do drugs, drink alcohol, and I have never kissed a boy (or any of the things that may come after).

I am seventeen years old and while I sometimes don’t have my head all the way on my shoulders, one thing that I have always known is that I want to make a difference if just in one person’s life. That is really the idea behind the name of my blog: Extraordinarily nothing. It is the idea that a virtual nobody (or nothing) like myself can do some kind of good in this world.

So I suppose this is the second hello from this extraordinary no one and enjoy the ride. 

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