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101 things in 1001 days   8 comments

So I haven’t made a post in a while since I have been busy finishing up my senior year in high school but I’m going to try and get back into the swing of this (you know besides when I disappear for half a year to train). So I decided that this would be a good way to get me blogging again and also to complete things I have wanted to do and enjoy life just a little bit more. I am starting this one June 5th, my eighteenth birthday, because I feel the day that I technically start the whole ‘adult’ thing would be a great day. So my dead line for all of these is March 2nd 2017. Wish me luck and I will hopefully be writing blog posts along with ever task that I manage to complete.

1: Graduate basic and AIT

2: Max out on my APFT (army physical fitness test)

3: Learn to Knit – Done! No link… (and I mean I’m not the best at it…. really at all but I know how to do it now)

4: Launch a T-shirt Business

5: Edit and submit “A kiss from the father of lies” to a publisher

6: Go to all 50 states (airports don’t count) 1-5,

7: Start a vlog

New 7: Get a Tattoo

8: Blog every day for a month

9: Go down hill skiing

10: Get my paramedics license

11: write in a daily journal every day for a month

12: Read 100 books

13: Run Big Bertha again

14: Go to 5 different countries (again airports don’t count)

15: Go fishing again

16: Move out

17: Get regularly involved in volunteering

18: Visit my friend Abbie wherever she happens to be in the world – Can’t do

19: Make a time capsule

20: Participate in a slam poetry reading

21: Help my mom declutter her basement

22: Clean out my ‘closet’ (go through all my cloths and decide which ones I keep and which ones I don’t)

23: Make and keep a budget (DONE NO LINK)

24: Make a Kiva loan

25: Make a project for awesome video

New 25: Go back to Devil’s Lake

26: Go to Videcon

New 26: Give up soda for at least 30 days – Done! No link

27: Run a marathon

28: Take my nephew on an adventure

29: Throw a reverse surprise party (DONE NO LINK)

30: Get involved at herb life

New 30: Join a gym

31: Go to a bookstore leave post it notes in books as random messages

32: Learn to french braid

33: Ride a horse

34: Join a book club

35: Learn how to play a song on piano that is at least one page long

36: Take a yoga class again

37: Participate in a flash mob

38: Go snowmobiling

39: Go to at least 5 off beat or small museums: One, two, three, four, five! Done!

40: Try twenty new food items (I’m fairly positive that this is DONE! No link)

41: write a letter to a future me

42: Read a book in a foreign language

43: Get a professionally done massage

44: Spend an afternoon reading in nature

45: Pick a cookbook, cook everything in it

46: Host a board game party

47: Play a game of messy/paint twister

48: Go on a road trip

49: Watch ten documentaries

50: Go to a drive-in movie

51: Send at least 10 surprise packages to friends or family “just because.”

52: Learn how to tie a bow tie

53: Go apple picking

54: Visit a national park (Done no link)

55: Do something epic/ awesome with my sister Done! No link.

56: Participate in a tough mudder

57: Talk to a stranger (actually conversation, I have to initiate)

58: Find out where and who my grandfather was adopted from (Done! Kinda….)

59: Buy someone’s order from behind me

60: Go skydiving

61: Buy a lottery ticket

62: Host a murder mystery party

63: write two short stories: ONE

64: Participate in a zombie run

65: Inspire someone to participate in this challenge (DONE no Link)

66: Put 5 dollars in a jar every time I complete something (Done ish…. I did it for a long time and then used the money to buy a puppy….)

67: Eat breakfast every morning for a week (not including time spent at basic and AIT) (DONE no link)

68: Donate money directly to a cause (DONE no link)

69: Take a kickboxing class

70: Take a cooking class

71: Go geocaching again

72: Write out a prayer every day for a year and put them in a box- read at the end of the year

73: Draw everyday for a month

74: Make some kind of investment no matter how small

75: Complete 5 DIY projects (not including T-shirts)

76: Make a happy bag

77: Attend at least 10 government meetings in my city and participate

78: Make a map of places gone and places I want to go (red and yellow push pins)

79: Learn how to whistle

80: Join some kind of for fun community sports league (preferably soccer or rugby)

81: Read the whole bible

82: Go back to a tuba Christmas (to play in)

83: Go a month without fast food (outside of army stuff)

84: Sleep under the stars

85: Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor

86: Buy a car (DONE no link)

87: Have a dinner by candle light

88: Make a custom recipe book with all my favorite things to make

89: Go rock climbing

90: Take a dance class

91: Keep a ‘my day in 6 words journal’ for 6 months

92: complete a 365 day photo challenge

93: Don’t swear for a week

94: Do the polar plunge again

95: Successfully give up something for lent (Done no link)

96: Make and hand out some blessing bags

New 96: Write our story

97: Be a street performer for a day

98: Try five new restaurants One, two, three, four, and five Done!

99: Make cheese

100: Use paper book

101: Make a list of 101 things that I like about myself: Part one, Part two (DONE!)

Done: 46/101

-An extraordinary no one who has accepted this challenge


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