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A letter and a box   2 comments

So a week from today I leave for basic training which is daunting so I decided that at least I could do something to get my mind off that and I decided to work on my list of 101 things since that officially started for me on June 5th (so yes I am technically an adult now but no I don’t feel any different in case you were wondering). So I killed to birds with one stone. I did number nineteen (make a time capsule) and in that I put number forty-one (write a letter to my future self). I set it for me to open in the year 2019 exactly a year from the day my contract with the army expires. I obviously am not going to write here what was all in it but I will write about the kind of thought that went into it.

For the letter, I wrote about some more personal things but after that I wrote about my current feelings and goals about being in the army in the hopes that if I am struggling in my decision to re-enlist or not I will be reminded of why I did it in the first place. The objects I put in the box were mostly all to give me a reality check and remind myself of my passions and the people that I love.

-An extraordinary no one who wants to remember


Posted June 25, 2014 by Extraordinary Nothing in 101