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Fire82   3 comments

I did something today that is pretty exciting and I’m going to a little bit shamelessly be excited about it as well as a little bit of shameless advertising. Today I shipped out my first t-shirt to a paying customer. If you have read any of my pre-training posts, you may have read something about me wanting to launch my own t-shirt business because I make these pretty awesome (if I don’t say so myself) bleach t-shirts. This all started back at the midnight premiere of the first Hunger Games movie. I wanted to wear something special that would represent my excitement but I didn’t want to go full out. The result was this:

FullSizeRender (3)

I put a quote from the book and bleached it on my shirt. I got awesome feed back and even people who didn’t know me all that well were coming up and asking me where I had bought my shirt, complete strangers as well as classmates who I didn’t really know since I had worn it to school that day. I was feeling pretty awesome and I started  making them as gifts for people at Christmas and they reacted really well. Then my senior year my friend went to a science convention. This friend probably owns the most bleach shirts that I made besides well me because she really enjoys them so I made us matching nerdy shirts.

FullSizeRender (2)

My friend had a black one with the same words which is in reference to Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers who one time had a freak out about the universe not having an edge.

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (5)

I also made us song lyrics shirts also from Hank Green. The one pictured about is mine which has some of the words from The Universe is Weird. My friend had a shirt with the words to Strange Charm on it. We were at this fancy luncheon with our group which consisted of a few high school students, their teachers, and then a bunch of people from out community. My friend and my physics teacher were really the only two people that I knew in the group so I was sitting by them at a still partially empty table when one of the community members sat down and started a conversation with us. About half way through our conversation, he realized that my friend was wearing a shirt that talked about quarks (Strange Charm). He asked her if it was indeed a shirt about quarks and if so where she had gotten it. She just pointed to me and explained that I had made it. He was rather impressed and asked if I had ever thought of selling them. I honestly hadn’t but an idea started to form in my mind after that science convention. The idea unfortunately died off a bit because I didn’t want to launch a business knowing that I would be gone for half a year in the near future so it was put on the back burner.

When I got back from training though, one of my army friends found this blog and excitedly asked me one day about what kind of business I wanted to start. I explained to him that I made t-shirts and he wanted to see one. Since we were skyping, I grabbed the nearest one of my creations and held it up to the camera for him to see. He was pretty impressed as well and told me he wanted one. Since he was a friend and I normally just would make them for my friends I was like yeah sure no problem just give me your address. Then he told me that he wanted to be my first paying customer. I finally agreed to it and made him the design that he requested and shipped it out to him this morning. It was rather exciting and definitely put me back on track to actually do this.

All this being said if you are interested in one of my Fire82 t-shirts (which you can have me put any words on for the most part and even simple designs), feel free to e-mail me at and we can figure out the details from there.

Some more of the shirts I have made:

FullSizeRender (6)

We had a Freshman Senior buddy week at my school. My freshman and I both really like Batman so I made us matching t-shirts.

FullSizeRender (7)

Her’s said Freshman on the back.


If you couldn’t tell, I kinda am a super hero nerd.

-An Extraordinary No One who is ready to launch Fire82


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One day I can only hope to be “Doc”   Leave a comment

I was mindlessly exploring the internet since I can’t do much right now because I jacked up my leg and I stumbled across this: “They Call Me Doc” 

It got me thinking. I haven’t done anything in my military career yet besides graduate training but the job they are singing about in the song is my job. I’m a medic but I am far from being a ‘Doc’ (which is also common slang in the army). My Platoon Sergeants and my instructors were probably all Doc at one point in time in their careers. You get the title when your guys trust you. When you have proven that you will do everything in your power to help them and make sure that they come home.

As of current, I am in an all medical reserve unit so the chances of me ever being able to earn the title of ‘Doc’ are slim. But I hope that if the opportunity ever arises where I am put in charge of a group of soldiers that I can do my job well enough that they have that kind of trust in me.

Recently I got the opportunity to room with a Sergeant that has gone on three tours as a medic and had the trust of the soldiers that she would bring them home. She told me two major things in our conversation.

1: She made me promise her that I would never become complacent in the army because as everyone who goes through basic training will remember out Drill Sergeants saying ‘Complacency kills.’

2: She told me that you can’t save everyone and that was something that she had always struggled with and still struggles with and will probably struggle with forever. The other thing that she told me though was that I better damn well do everything in my power to save everyone.


-An Extraordinary No One who has some big shoes to fill

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Seems like a good idea to me.

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The Flying Charleston   2 comments

Swing dancing. Energetic, upbeat, and extremely fun. Growing up, the idea of dancing always intrigued me. I always wanted to be able to dance like the people that I watched on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with my mom. Which sounds like a stereotypical thing for a young female to say but even if it is, It’s still true. The problem was that I never believed that I was graceful enough to be a dancer even if it was just for fun like I wanted it to be. So the only dancing that I really did was the awkward high school dance kind where you just jump up and down and hope it goes with the beat.

That is until my friend Mara invited me to go swing dancing with her. I was pretty eager and accepted to offer to go hang out with the swing dancing crowd at her college.How it worked was they had a class before hand for beginners and then more people showed up for the actual dance. I had a blast and got to learn some awesome moves. My favorite was the flying Charleston which I’m not even sure how to explain in writing but it was fun to do and I am sure I looked like an absolute dork doing it but the fact that it put a smile on my face was the only thing that really mattered to me.

swing dancing 8

My friend Mara and I doing the tunnel

My friend Mara leading me in a spin

My friend Mara leading me in a spin

The whole night I was being passed among the group of people and told to follow their lead. It was great being able to see how each person had their different kind of styles even if the differences were just minute. I was told by a few that I picked it up fast which made me smile. I’m not sure if they were just being nice or if they actual meant it but I have decided to start actually believing the compliments that people give me so as far as I’m concerned I’m a fast learner when it comes to swing. Several of the dancers and my friend invited me to come back next time that they dance and I definitely am going to take them up on the offer.

-An Extraordinary No One who has her dancing shoes on

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Paperback Swap   2 comments is a website that is used to get rid of old books that are sitting around but in good shape that you just don’t read anymore and in exchange you get credits. The credits can be used to either get other people’s books that they post on the site or get new books at a discounted rate. The first thing that you have to do when you sign up is post ten books that you are willing to mail out and then you get two credits that you can spend on the site. It is a pretty awesome way to swap out your current books that you are never gonna read to ones that you actually want. I already sent out five or so of the first books that I posted and I have only been on the site two days. It is pretty self explanatory and easy to use. I’m excited to switch out some of the books I am not going to read any more and actually getting books that I have wanted for a really long time.

-An Extraordinary No One who is working on swapping out her bookshelf

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Kiva Loan   2 comments

Ever since I found out what Kiva loans were I have always wanted to make one. Basically a Kiva loan is a small loan that works toward a bigger loan that is given to someone in a third world county to help them towards something in their business, education, and such. Today I actually decided to go through the process of giving a loan which only took me maybe ten minutes at the most but was probably closer to five. I just checked back in on the loan that I gave and this loan has now been fully funded. It was awesome to see honestly.

It was easy for me to pick where I wanted to send my loan too because Guatemala has a special place in my heart from when I got to go visit there for a while. I truly hope that my money had an impact on the lady that I decided to help out and I would definitely suggest checking out this awesome organization.

-An Extraordinary No One who just made a little bit of a difference

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Witte Museum   2 comments

This is just another piece of the puzzle of my challenge. When I was in San Antonio, Texas for training my friends and I kind of just explored. We walked around until we found something worth seeing, eating, or doing. One of the things we happened to stumble on happened to be a children’s museum. The Witte Museum had this awesome exhibit called Body Adventure. Pretty much it helped kids learn something about the body and how it works with exercise and food. They had some pretty neat things to do. The museum had a calmness test which my group had a good time messing around with. Pretty much there was a table and at either end a head band with censors and then the table had a tube with a ball in it. The sensor measured your brain waves and would make the ball go closed to the person that had a bigger spike. It was fun trying to get people to lose by talking about certain things or just saying certain words to them.

Some of the other attractions they had were a virtual body that you could look inside and cut apart to see the inside of the body from different sections. The kids didn’t seem to be all that interested in it but the group of medics in training practically flocked to this stellar piece of machinery.

So over all the Witte Museum was definitely worth our time. I wish that I could take my nephews there with me when they are a little older because I know that they would really enjoy the place. Maybe one day.

-An Extraordinary No One who enjoyed her time at a child’s museum

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