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So on July 1st 2014 I left for basic training and on February 20th 2015 I finally graduated from my advanced individual training for the United States army. I came out with a lot of crazy stories, a lot of confidence, and certification as a health care specialist for the army. The experience is one that is hard to put into words and basic training, which I graduated from on September 11th 2014, seems already like it is so far away. The fact that I graduated high school less then a year ago boggles my mind. I went back a little bit after coming home to visit some of my friends that are still there. I realized how much I grew up after having been gone especially since the group of people that I hung out with in my second company at my medic training I was the youngest by five years. I’m not sure how that happened but it was a factor in helping me figure out my life direction and such.

I’m sure that later on I will write about some of the stories about my experience in the army thus far but right now I’m just going to give this over view. I see the world in a different way now. I have a confidence in myself that was certainly never there before. I learned that you can’t properly work with people unless you have at least a little bit of an understanding on how they work or else it is just going to end in argument. I figured out what they meant by this weird kind of bond that service members have, how we don’t have to like each other on a personal level but would in a heart beat decide to lay down our lives instead of theirs, truly like brothers and sisters. I learned how to save a life and that it is the direction that I want to take my life.

So what is next for me then? Well I am a reservist so I’m back home with my contract of a weekend a month and two weeks in the summer until I get called upon. I’ve decided to pursue this medical path and I am going to try and get a spot in the paramedic program at my local tech school for this upcoming fall and I am going to try and find a job that at least has a little bit of a medical connection even though I am not qualified to do much in the civilian sector. I have an interesting future in front of me and a whole lot of ambition so I guess I will just have to see where that takes me.

-An Extraordinary No One and a Medic in the United States Army


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4 responses to “Seven months and twenty days later….

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  2. You should be really proud of your service. Thank you for your efforts to keep us free.

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