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So I’ve decided to tackle one of my challenges on my 101 things in 1001 days which is to blog every day for a month. Since I realized that my first post after being back happened to fall on the first of the month, I figured there was no time like the present. Okay so I’m not gonna lie a lot of these posts in the month or march are going to be about my time in training since as of current that is all I really have going for me.

As I was cleaning and unpacking my bags today, I found the military bible that I got from the Chaplin at basic training. I want to say that I got this bible around week three of basic training when I finally decided to go to church. One of my fellow soldiers in training (or SITs as they will refer to us as) and I went to the Chaplin and asked for bibles and about five other females who I didn’t know came with us. He brought us to his office where he had a book shelf full of army camouflage bibles. I was the last to get one and as we made it back to the seats it felt nice to have this little comfort of home again but it got just a little bit better. I was flipping through it before the service began and I noticed that their was writing in the back cover. It was a list of someones favorite passages and I just figured that it was from a soldier before me but then I read the message at the bottom and the signature. It read:

So I write this I am praying for the person who is reading this. My heart goes out to you and pray you meet Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Thank you for serving our country. With love, from an 80 year old woman named Nancy from New London Wisconsin Nov 2013

This message amazing me. Not because of the text but because of the signature. I was sitting in a make shift church in the middle of a military base almost completely cut off from my life back home except for a few letter here and there and I just read something from a lady that lives about 35 minutes away from my home town. For whatever reason, the fact that I had read this note in my bible from Nancy of New London motivated me to keep doing my best. I was just starting to get in the groove of things at basic and losing a little bit of the motivation that I should have had at this point but this note came with perfect timing. It just blew my mind that this lady wrote this note when I was fifteen as well when I had no clue that I would be in the army and still had little idea what I was doing with my life. I have always been fascinated by chain of events. I’m very much so of the belief that things happen for a reason even though a lot of the time we have no idea what the point is for an extremely long time if ever.

So in an ending note I would just like to say thank you to Nancy for deciding to write that note because it helped me more then you will ever know.

-An Extraordinary No One who is thankful for the little things


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