Strangers, Muggles, and exploring San Antonio   2 comments

So one of my tasks in my 101 challenge was to start a  conversation with a stranger. Which since writing that, I have done countless times. It was easier then I thought it would be and actually landed me with some pretty good friends. In the middle of my training to be a medic I got thrown into a whole entire new company because of health complications which I might one day write about. I was forced to talk to people that I didn’t know with no one there by my side to help me. Hell one of my best friends now started with a conversation that went a little bit like this:

We were standing in the last rank of the formation. The sergeants were giving us a brief on what not to do over our holiday leave which we call HBL (Holiday Block Leave) and I leaned over and whispered to the guy standing next to me: “Psst want to make a bet on who gets pregnant over HBL?” This guy who I barley knew except for by face turns his head and looks at me and just says “You.” I just kinda laughed and gave him an ‘Its not happening look’ but it became an on going joke between the two of us.

That random conversation though probably started one of the best friendships that I have even had. It also lead me to finish another one of my challenges which was to go geocashing again. The group of my friends that I had, this male will call him Ted was one of them, enjoyed just exploring around San Antonio. One day my friend Ted mentioned something about geocashing and I got excited. It was something that I rather enjoyed doing while I was back home ad getting to find two cashes in San Antonio was pretty cool even though we got some weird look from a few Muggles (people that don’t geocash and will occasionally take them just because they don’t know what they are). I had a grand time with my Army family and I sure do miss them to pieces. They explored with me and helped me figure out a thing or two about my life.

-An Extraordinary No One with who is glad she can now talk to strangers


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2 responses to “Strangers, Muggles, and exploring San Antonio

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