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So today was the first time that I actually started really going into my adult future. I applied for jobs. And not just random part time “Do you want fries with that?” kind of jobs. I applied for jobs that required a resume instead of just an application. It was a little strange and I applied to a lot of places (some out of last resort and others because I wanted them). I may have gone a bit application crazy but I am a little bit going crazy with nothing to do but sit around all day. I like working. I like feeling like I have some kind of purpose. I have been home for almost two weeks now and already I feel like I have sat on my ass for far too long. I have never been good at just sitting around.

So we will see where tomorrow’s adventure lands me. I am hoping that it is with a job and a pay check because well that would be just grand.

-An Extraordinary No On who is ready to go into the working world

Posted March 5, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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