Train Museums cause I’m weird like that…   2 comments

Okay so I’m a little bit of a nerd, and by a little bit I mean I am very much so a nerd. I enjoy going to museums. I like learning new things even if it is only momentarily. So I actually went to the National Railroad Museum on a date because where else do you go on dates besides train museums? It was actually a pretty good date even though I’m not with the guy anymore. What made it fun though wasn’t the museum (although it was a great museum and definitely worth checking out). It was the fact that I got to listen to someone who was passionate about trains explain to me what he knew.

The person that I went to the museum with me grew up with trains because of hid dad and he explained to me so many other things that weren’t just on the signs. It was great to see someone geeking out about something and getting to share it with someone and I felt honored that that person got to be me. I got to see a nerdy side of him that most people don’t. I like that. I enjoy passionate people and whoever said that being nerdy was unattractive is wrong. There is nothing better then getting to listen to someone who is truly passionate about what they are talking about.

-An Extraordinary no one who appreciates passionate people


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2 responses to “Train Museums cause I’m weird like that…

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