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So it was a good weekend. Not only did I get to Skype with someone I really care about for several hours on Saturday night but I learned a lot of things. I got to room with a Sergeant who was getting out of the army. It was the first time that I had ever met her but she was more then happy to share a few pieces of wisdom about her time and deployments. She asked me one favor though. She asked me to never get complacent. To always keep striving for something more. Don’t just get comfortable in one spot. I told her I wouldn’t because I get bored too easily. She seemed to find this an acceptable answer. But in all seriousness I hope that I never get like that. I love learning new things and I would hate to lose that. Currently I am the lowest ranking person in my unit and there is only one other person with my same rank. It is an interesting experience and there has definitely been a lot of “hey you’re a private go do this.” but I don’t mind because normally I learn something either from the task or just some thing that the person giving the task shares with me about their experiences.

Today I got to set up a saline lock on someone’s forearm. A saline lock is pretty much where you put in the catheter for a IV and instead just put a hub on it in case you need access later. It was the first time that I had done it that low on the arm. It was a new thing for me but the Sergeant that  I had as a partner was very helpful and taught me somethings I was unaware of. I also got to experience someone trying to but a needle into my hand so that was fun. Long story short I am very grateful that the soldiers in my unit are more then happy to share their knowledge with the new girl.

-An Extraordinary No One who loves to learn new things

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