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Today I went in to try and donate plasma which is a common thing around where I live. I had a few teachers who I have had in the past that would give about twice a week and my mom gives as often as she can. To donate, you have to do a physical and a medical history. I figured that shouldn’t be a problem for me. I am healthy and young. But I ran into a snag…

In training, I partially collapsed my lung from inflammation and fluid build up that I got from pneumonia which wasn’t the problem here. It was the fact that I had to get a bronchoscopy to check out my lung. Pretty much what they had to do was take this long tube and shove in in my nose down through my vocal cords and into my lung area to check things out. They hopped me up on several drugs while they were doing that so I don’t remember much from it. In the policy for donating though you can’t have gotten any procedure that involve your bronchi within four months of giving. So I have to wait a little bit of time before I can actually donate. Hopefully all that with go through though and I will be able to donate.

-An Extraordinary No one who wants to donate

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