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This is just another piece of the puzzle of my challenge. When I was in San Antonio, Texas for training my friends and I kind of just explored. We walked around until we found something worth seeing, eating, or doing. One of the things we happened to stumble on happened to be a children’s museum. The Witte Museum had this awesome exhibit called Body Adventure. Pretty much it helped kids learn something about the body and how it works with exercise and food. They had some pretty neat things to do. The museum had a calmness test which my group had a good time messing around with. Pretty much there was a table and at either end a head band with censors and then the table had a tube with a ball in it. The sensor measured your brain waves and would make the ball go closed to the person that had a bigger spike. It was fun trying to get people to lose by talking about certain things or just saying certain words to them.

Some of the other attractions they had were a virtual body that you could look inside and cut apart to see the inside of the body from different sections. The kids didn’t seem to be all that interested in it but the group of medics in training practically flocked to this stellar piece of machinery.

So over all the Witte Museum was definitely worth our time. I wish that I could take my nephews there with me when they are a little older because I know that they would really enjoy the place. Maybe one day.

-An Extraordinary No One who enjoyed her time at a child’s museum


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