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I was mindlessly exploring the internet since I can’t do much right now because I jacked up my leg and I stumbled across this: “They Call Me Doc” 

It got me thinking. I haven’t done anything in my military career yet besides graduate training but the job they are singing about in the song is my job. I’m a medic but I am far from being a ‘Doc’ (which is also common slang in the army). My Platoon Sergeants and my instructors were probably all Doc at one point in time in their careers. You get the title when your guys trust you. When you have proven that you will do everything in your power to help them and make sure that they come home.

As of current, I am in an all medical reserve unit so the chances of me ever being able to earn the title of ‘Doc’ are slim. But I hope that if the opportunity ever arises where I am put in charge of a group of soldiers that I can do my job well enough that they have that kind of trust in me.

Recently I got the opportunity to room with a Sergeant that has gone on three tours as a medic and had the trust of the soldiers that she would bring them home. She told me two major things in our conversation.

1: She made me promise her that I would never become complacent in the army because as everyone who goes through basic training will remember out Drill Sergeants saying ‘Complacency kills.’

2: She told me that you can’t save everyone and that was something that she had always struggled with and still struggles with and will probably struggle with forever. The other thing that she told me though was that I better damn well do everything in my power to save everyone.


-An Extraordinary No One who has some big shoes to fill

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