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Fire82 update: Price change!   Leave a comment

So after some math, I changed my t-shirt price to $11.50 (still with free customization)!

I am adding a flat rate shipping of $4.25 an order So you can get multiple shirts a lot cheaper then before. Check out more details here: Facebook page

-An extraordinary nothing who is bad at math


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My day in 6 words   2 comments

One of my challenges was to write a journal for 6 months that only consisted of 6 words per day. Today was my last day! (although I am going to continue it just cause I like it) Here are some of the high lights:

November 28th 2014 (1st day): Partially collapsed lung…. this is life.

November 30th 2014: Nerf gun war save the casualty

December 11th 2014: Vince thought I was flirting awkward….

December 15th 2014: Sassy with bit of sexy awkwardness

December 18th 2014: Not getting pregnant over HBL Dang-it! (so I a little cheated on this one….)

January 1st 2015: Rang in the New years… barracks.

January 3rd 2015: Football game fake girl question Joel.

January 5th 2015: Piss test half day not pregnant.

January 13th 2015: Finally took field craft one test

January 15th 2015: Blood lab got to help awesome!

January 16th 2015: Joel called because of fortune cookie.

January 21st 2015: Mass cal day fear of hold

January 23rd 2015: Supposed to graduate last written test

January 25th 2015: Jumped into river adopted dancing teen

January 26th 2015: Lung cleared first time go skills

January 29th 2015: Bolus detail gotta hang with Tidd

January 31st 2015: Last day of freedom unwritten secrets

February 3rd 2015: Patrol day I love you why?

February 8th 2015: Back massages and Egyptian rat slap

February 12th 2015: Mount day all the questions asked

February 13th 2015: Last day of Bolus actually sad

February 15th 2015: Thank you for the music Tidd

February 19th 2015: Teenage mutant ninja turtle status bitches….

February 20th 2015: Graduated and had to say Bye

February 23rd 2015: Joel and I now just friends

March 7th 2015: Got the job drove to drill

March 13th 2015: Swing dancing I won’t hurt you

March 14th 2015: FVL play talked to Kellianne Fire82

March 18th 2015: Bought a ticket to Portland OR

March 22nd 2015: Got to be in Tidd’s arms

April 1st 2015: You aren’t awful bough a car!

April 2nd 2015: Taught at FVL first work day

April 12th 2015: Early release near crash little voice

April 16th 2015: Got outsiders in mail little things

April 28th 2015 (last day): Birth control red velvet cupcake blizzard

-An extraordinary no one who has another thing checked off the list

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Time to put your war face on   2 comments

I joined a gym today! It was something that I have wanted to for a while. I am bad at motivating myself when it comes to physical activity when I am not at the point where I am already in shape. While, I am not all that out of shape I am no where near where I want to be.

I joined a gym that will give me a little bit of help in getting motivated. With group classes and other neat things and it isn’t all too expensive either which is the best part of course. Cause everything is about the price tag isn’t it? Okay not true not everything. My brother told me today not to work so hard and get caught up in money. He generally seems to have his life pretty together so I guess that I should listen to him.

On a side note, I got to meet his puppy who is a lab and collie mix (probably).

Back to this whole gym business though. I am hoping that this will help me actually start taking my fitness and training more serious and kick my butt into shape.

-An extraordinary no one who has some ass kicking to do

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Things I want to do in the next week   Leave a comment

This post is mostly for myself so that I can keep on track with my life. Here is some of the stuff I hope to do in the next week (some are which on my 101 list):

-Join a Gym

-Make lasagna rolls

-Make my happy bag

-Go running every day damn it…..

-And push ups and sit ups

-Finish The Shack

Yup that is pretty much it for now but obviously I hope to get more done then that. On a fun note, I get to meet my brother’s puppy tomorrow!

-An extraordinary no one who has shit to do

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Sleepy   Leave a comment

I’m tired.

I’m not sure why but I don’t feel the greatest. I hope I’m not getting sick because for me that means I can’t work (I work with the elderly) and that would be just down right annoying.

My sister picked the winner today on her blog for the contest I did with Fire82: Check it out here

I don’t have all that much inspiration right now….. so just pretend you were awed by a very thought provoking and inspiring blog post. Fake tears are appreciated but not necessary. Thank you all very much.

-A sleep extraordinary no one

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Recruiting and paperwork   Leave a comment

I got all dressed up this morning. Of course, I would have much rather been in something more comfortable but we had to wear our army dress uniform to go back and help my recruiter at my old high school.

My first battle buddy (the one that got me in contact with my recruiter) and I got to go back to our high school today and share our experiences with some of the juniors who I’m sure are all scrambling to figure out what they are going to be doing next year. It was a fun time and I got a free (yet kind of awkward) lunch.

I also got to do some paperwork for my second job today which is always tons of fun.

-And extraordinary no one who is feeling a bit sleepy

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Cooking experiments and lottery tickets   3 comments

Today, I won the lottery! Okay…. so I broke even on my two dollar scratch card but it is better then not making anything. Plus, I get to cross another thing off my list!

Another thing that I started was I finally started cooking out of the cook book that I decided would be the one that I am going to cook everything out of. Muffin Tin Chef by Matt Kadey (which you can find here: Amazon link. Not getting money for putting that there just figured that it should be a thing I include). I made Stuffins today. I will let you know how they turn out seeing as right now they are in the oven.

-An Extraordinary No one who is working hard on her list

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