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I failed at my attempts to have a post per day in March but April is a new month and so I say it is time to try again. The end of March was rather busy for me. I finished up paperwork for my job ,which I start tomorrow, and an impromptu trip to Oregon and Washington but more on that later. Today, on this lovely April fools day, I have a news of actually true proportions! I signed up for a half marathon along with one of my very close friends (okay a little bit more then a friend but also more on that later).

So I have to hard core training for it if I want to keep up. Let me tell you though, the beginning of training sucks. Absolutely and completely. So you probably all expect me to be in shape because I’m in the army but the thing is that I was on profile for the last part of training because of my lung problem. A profile pretty much means you are limited or can’t do certain activities such as physical training.

So needless today I was a bit of a failure on my 5 mile run today. I should have ran it faster but the fact is I ran it and this is just the beginning. So I will keep you posted on how all that is going and happy April!

-An Extraordinary No One who has some running to do


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