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Today, I finally had my official first day at my job. My job is pretty much a care giver at an apartment complex for the elderly. It is a lot different then the medical stuff that they teach you in the army because obviously you aren’t going to encounter many ninety-something people on the battle field. The thing I think is going to be challenging is just keeping everyone and their care plans straight which I have been told not even to worry about because I will be able to pick it up rather fast.

So they kept apologizing that today had to be my first day for a couple of reasons. A) They were one person short B) Less then half way through my shift one of my coworkers who is extremely pregnant went to the hospital because she might have been in labor. C) I saw one of my supervisors cry. So instead of training on just one floor like I was supposed to I was doing things on all three of the floors. Which I honestly don’t mind. To me what’s the point of training in a completely perfect environment because it simply isn’t going to be like that in real life. I can understand at first getting muscle memory but most of the time I like getting thrown into the thick of things even if I wasn’t allowed to do much by myself. It was nice to see how they worked under pressure. It was a lot to take in but I learned a lot and that is all I can really hope for.

On another not I taught a class about medic things at my old high school today and that was…. interesting.

-An Extraordinary no one and a care giver in training.

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