Wisconsin, South Carolina, Texas, Washington and Oregon   3 comments

It is a goal of mine to get to go to all 50 states which is something that I hope to accomplish but right as of now since I started this challenge I have gone to five. I have decided to write about them five states at a time and I’ll show you the picture I am going to put on my map I’m making of my adventures.



So Wisconsin is a no brain-er. I have lived here all of my life. I grew up here. Many adventures but the picture I have decided to use is the picture of the first time that I held my nephew Allen. He was born while I was away at training and by the time I got to meet him he was already 2 months old but I already knew I would love him before we even met.

South Carolina:

South Carolina

I spent 10 weeks in South Carolina although I didn’t get to spend much time exploring, I definitely had an adventure though. South Carolina is where I went to basic training. It was a pivotal point in my life and I am glad I got to experience. This is a photo of my Drill Sergeant and I.



So after I finished Basic I went to Texas to train as a Medic. I actually got to explore the lovely city of San Antonio but I picked a picture of my battle bitch and I. Yes I said battle bitch, that is just what I call her I swear its a term of endearment. We met at reception in basic training and then were in the same platoon at AIT where we got pretty close and got to go through experiences like being on hold from training together and I will always be grateful for her friendship. As well as for every other friend I made during training.



You might be wondering. Why is there a picture of a skate park? Well, I will tell you. I took a train to Washington to visit someone who I love and care about who lives in Oregon. He grew up in Washington and decided to show me where he used to explore. This was the skate park that he spent a lot of time in growing up. He took me here. He kissed me in a skate bowl. He loved that his new happy place was visiting his old one.



I went to Oregon to Visit him and he took me to the Coast. This is a picture of us there. Happy. I miss the happiness I found with him. He was torn away from me because of something that he can’t control. Something I can’t control. I hope happiness for both of us. Together or apart. I really am hoping for together. This chapter of my life is closing. The character is moving on but that doesn’t mean he can’t come back and God I hope he does. I pray for happiness. I pray for a miracle. The thing about love is that it doesn’t just go away easy and this is one I will hold with me for the rest of my days. It will remind me what it is like to be loved and cherished. It will remind me that I am beautiful. It will remind me of what I deserve. It will remind me how to be happy. Thank you. Goodbye. I hope that you walk back into my life. I hope you are freed. I hope you find happiness. I will always love you. This is how I grieve. This is how I move on. I write. I remember. I let go but never stop caring. I never stop loving.

-An extraordinary nothingness


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