I don’t do retail therapy….   Leave a comment


….I do gun therapy. Some how my friend happened to have perfect timing and when I was in a pretty shitty mood asked me if I wanted to go shoot shit on his land. I was pretty ecstatic. What better way to get out your frustration then shooting clay discs and a door with a poorly drawn enemy on it? Well except for maybe killing the person that is the cause of your frustration but I’m not that dramatic.


I grieve in strange ways that is for sure. It is strange. I am grieving for someone who is still alive. But the thing about this world is, if we aren’t talking to or seeing the person they only exist as a memory. It sucks but it is the reality. So yes, I am grieving for someone who is still alive and healthy because I am not allowed to be there for him. I’m sure the people that are reading my blog (which is a few number if any) are getting sick of hearing about my sadness but it is something I have to deal with. I can either turn off everything. Just sit there and not feel. Or I can feel everything all at once and be crushed. There is no in between right now but I will find it and I know that isn’t going to happen by turning everything off. So for now I am just going to feel everything. Flip the switch when I have to but let myself get over it. I have a habit of bottling things up on the inside and I know that isn’t good. So even though I am going to feel like an obnoxious person, I am going to let myself feel all the pain until it dulls on its own.

-An Extraordinary No One looking for the in between.


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