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It was hard but I did it. I deleted the conversations. I deleted the numbers. I dropped the challenge. I collected everything that I had from you and was going to give you and I put them in a box and duct tapped it shut. I deleted the pictures. The only thing I left out was the flag because I made up my mind about carrying that with me to my first deployment (and probably all the other ones after that and just in general my army life) and I figured it was easier to just leave it out then have to go dig around in the box and like be an emotional wreck before every army related event.

So, I kept my end of the deal that I made with a person that I will probably never get to talk to again. I hope that they do what they promised me they would. I trust that they will and that is all I can really do from here.

The reason that I wrote “I promise” on the box is in case I try to open it. I promised that I would fight for myself. That I would fight to be happy. So, I guess that fight starts today. One little step at a time. Have you ever read my list?

-An Extraordinary no one who has started fighting for herself


Posted April 9, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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