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I was planning on making all of this list last time I wrote but I got interrupted by some pretty awful news. Now though I am going to push on and finish it.

19: I am a happy person.

20: I am strong.

21: quote I have found people like this.

22: My laugh,

23: My smile.

24:My passion (my fire)

25: My intelligence

26: quote 2I am not ordinary.

27: I am a goof ball.

28: I once jumped into the San Antonio River Walk.

29: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

30: I can rock a mean tuba.

31: I love music.

32: I am an adventurer.

33: I’m fun loving.

34: I am generally happy-go-lucky.

35: I help people in pain.

36: I know what pain feels like.

37: I am loved.

38: I taught a class at my old high school.

39: I can be a great public speaker.

40: The only characters I can ever play are crazy.

41: I am creative.

42: I have a family who loves me.

43: I sometimes do crazy things.

44: I’m a fighter.

45: Some of my friends look up to me.

46: I am loyal.

47: I always find the bright side even if it takes me a little bit.

48: I am patient.

49: I am a go-getter.

50: I can write poetry.

51: I am not perfect.

52: I bought my first car with cash.

53: I am amazing.

54: I am a book worm.

55: I care.

56:I am a Christian.

57: I never stop loving.

58: I once bought a train ticket to Oregon.

59: I don’t regret any of the decisions I have made.

60: I say I am sorry way to much.

61: I take chances.

62: I can kinda swing dance.

63: I am a cheese head.

64: I have friends I can trust.

65: I give great piggy back rides.

66: I’m awkward.

67: But not when it counts

68: I give good back massages.

69: I am clever.

70: I have memories.

71: I know what it feels like to be loved.

72: I won’t settle.

73: I know when to ask for help.

74: I am a good judge of character.

75: I don’t give up easily.

76: I know how to fall.

77: I am a klutz.

78: I can be very graceful.

79: I am fast to forgive.

80: I was once told by a girl at basic training that my platoon had agreed if they could get deployed with one person they would want it to be me.

81: I give meaningful gifts.

82: I am a flirtatious person.

83: I can be a bitch if I need to be.

84: I am blessed.

85: I didn’t get pregnant over HBL

86: I challenge people.

87: I am a tease.

88: I got promoted at basic training.

89: I am a card shark.

90: I am honest.

91: I am not afraid to try things.

92: I take risks.

93: I won a free game of mini golf.

94: I make weird faces.

95: I am not miserable, I won’t let myself be.

96: I am stubborn.

97: I cheated the system and went to Bravo Co instead of Echo.

98: I once explored the sewer system.

99: I will move on.

100: But I will remember.

101: I will always love you.

-An extraordinary no one who loves herself and her flaws.


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