Thoughts from my Army drill weekend   Leave a comment

I was up at Fort McCoy this weekend for Army stuff and I just have a few thoughts.

1: My paper work is still getting messed up by my first company at AIT (or maybe the second this time, I’m not sure yet). But anyways it says I still have all the gear that I was issued in Medic training so I can’t get any of the things that I need for my unit if they are on that list unless I wanted to pay for them out of pocket. So I have to figure that out (I think I have the paper work but I have a lot of papers to go through)

2: Weapons guard isn’t so boring when you have a good book (The Shack which so far is sad but good).

3: Scopes are wonderful. Took me way less time to group and zero then I did in basic training…. although this could also be because I am more comfortable with M16s now.

4: Being the first unit out on the range in Wisconsin after a long winter sucks…. We had 4 lanes for out whole unit (and one of our sister units that is under us) to qualify on. One of which was so messed up no one qualified on it and three others that only sometimes counted the targets that people shot down.

5: I definitely shot down way more then 6 targets. I may be a bad shot but I am better then that. Thank you very much computer…..

6: There needs to be an Applebee’s closer to Fort McCoy…. or anything really.

7: Getting yelled at for something someone else communicated poorly is obnoxious.

8: JAG is pretty interesting.

9: There is always a loop hole you just have to find it. Anything worth having is going to take time and effort.

10: I am determined to be the first female in my family not to get in a car wreck from falling asleep behind the wheel (I came close on the way home…..)

-An Extraordinary no one who is just glad she could kinda get her mind off things.

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