Google, books, detention, and why I’m a little awful   Leave a comment

I’m a dork. I think I have made that clear. So, because I am a dork, I get extremely excited about insignificant things. Today, I found out that if I Google search Extraordinarily Nothing this blog actually pops up. It is even on the first page and everything. That made me happy.

Another thing that made me happy is that I got my favorite book in the mail today. The OutsidersĀ has been my favorite and most read book for a while but I have not owned in for about a year now. The first copy of the book that I owned is no longer mine. I left in in the USO with a note written on the inside cover on my way to basic training. I finally decided to get another copy though.

The detention thing might seem out of place. I am not in my school. I would just like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that some of my friends threw a party in detention including pizza and soda.

To why I am awful… Well I saw this picture in a place:


And it made me laugh so damn hard… cause reasons.

An Extraordinary No one who is looking for happiness in the little things

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