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Eric Paslay- She Don’t Love You

Go Fish- You’re My Little Girl

3 Doors Down- Kryptonite

Nickelback- How you Remind Me

Hinder- Lips of An Angel

Darryl Worley- I Miss My Friend (Made me cry…. especially with the music video)

My Playlist: (AKA what I listen as I fall asleep)

Brad Paisley- Beat This Summer, Remind Me, She’s Everything

Zac Brown Band- Chicken Fried, Keep Me in Mind, Whatever it is

George Straight- Carrying Your Love With Me, I Cross My Heart

Toby Keith- God Love Her, You Shouldn’t Kiss Me like that

Trace Adkins- I Wanna Feel Something 

Michael Buble- Home (You know what home I’m talking about, The home is where the heart is), Everything

Blake Shelton- Honey Bee

Garth Brooks- Standing Outside the Fire

Thank you so much for the music. Thank you.

Slam Poems:

Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay- When Love Arrives

Jeanann Verlee- 40 Love Letters 

Catalina Ferro- Anxiety Group,  Emergency Exit Row

Good Ghost Bill- It will be Loud

Sarah Kay- The Type

-An Extraordinary Nothingness who did not write this with dry eyes


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