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Tonight, I decided to finally say yes to hanging out with my Ex (who has  been trying to hang out with me as ‘Just friends’ since we broke up). And he judged me for the things that had happened with me since I left for basic training and he left me. He literally was laughing at me about it all. Saying how it was great that he had ‘won’ the break up. Because my heart had been broken and he gets to sleep with random girls and get high whenever he wants. He also told me I was an awful person. I would have tried to bring up the fact that he wasn’t a saint either but I didn’t. I have believed for almost all my life that I don’t have a place to judge people and I try my hardest to do that but I fail all the time. I kept my mouth shut this time.

In other not so related news. A quote:


And a picture:

burnt out flame

Also this looks awesome I could totally see myself doing it but I would definitely want to do it with someone:

Living in a haunted town

-An extraordinary nothingness


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