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One of my challenges was to write a journal for 6 months that only consisted of 6 words per day. Today was my last day! (although I am going to continue it just cause I like it) Here are some of the high lights:

November 28th 2014 (1st day): Partially collapsed lung…. this is life.

November 30th 2014: Nerf gun war save the casualty

December 11th 2014: Vince thought I was flirting awkward….

December 15th 2014: Sassy with bit of sexy awkwardness

December 18th 2014: Not getting pregnant over HBL Dang-it! (so I a little cheated on this one….)

January 1st 2015: Rang in the New years… barracks.

January 3rd 2015: Football game fake girl question Joel.

January 5th 2015: Piss test half day not pregnant.

January 13th 2015: Finally took field craft one test

January 15th 2015: Blood lab got to help awesome!

January 16th 2015: Joel called because of fortune cookie.

January 21st 2015: Mass cal day fear of hold

January 23rd 2015: Supposed to graduate last written test

January 25th 2015: Jumped into river adopted dancing teen

January 26th 2015: Lung cleared first time go skills

January 29th 2015: Bolus detail gotta hang with Tidd

January 31st 2015: Last day of freedom unwritten secrets

February 3rd 2015: Patrol day I love you why?

February 8th 2015: Back massages and Egyptian rat slap

February 12th 2015: Mount day all the questions asked

February 13th 2015: Last day of Bolus actually sad

February 15th 2015: Thank you for the music Tidd

February 19th 2015: Teenage mutant ninja turtle status bitches….

February 20th 2015: Graduated and had to say Bye

February 23rd 2015: Joel and I now just friends

March 7th 2015: Got the job drove to drill

March 13th 2015: Swing dancing I won’t hurt you

March 14th 2015: FVL play talked to Kellianne Fire82

March 18th 2015: Bought a ticket to Portland OR

March 22nd 2015: Got to be in Tidd’s arms

April 1st 2015: You aren’t awful bough a car!

April 2nd 2015: Taught at FVL first work day

April 12th 2015: Early release near crash little voice

April 16th 2015: Got outsiders in mail little things

April 28th 2015 (last day): Birth control red velvet cupcake blizzard

-An extraordinary no one who has another thing checked off the list

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