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Last night, I realized that I have far to much on my plate. How did I realize this you might ask? It was when I started sobbing when I went out for a run and couldn’t stop. A thing you should know about me is that I don’t cry. I hate crying. If I am crying, there is some serious shit going on. I know the time that I cried the hardest and it was probably the most miserable time of my life (even though it was relatively short, it seemed like an eternity). Last night though…. last night was pure frustration. To many things, not enough time to do them. So I decided to change that.

I quit my second job. I got it when I was part time at my first job (which isn’t true anymore) and I was trying to get my mind off things. I don’t need it to be financially stable just as an extra net which I don’t like getting rid of but I will make it work. I am confident in that. It was a huge breath off my chest and then what do I do? I pick up a shift at my other job that I really shouldn’t because I’m smart that’s way. I am just a damn genius.

-An extraordinary no one who is awesome at spreading herself too thin


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I don’t know   Leave a comment

I’m not sure what to write about. I could write about having to pack or working or spending the weekend with my family but I’m just distracted. I miss my best friend. And I’m getting a lot of crap for moving in with him or even just being in a relationship with him. I expected that to happen, I’m not an idiot. I knew people weren’t going to be happy about this decision. It’s worth it though. People might get upset at me for saying that but this isn’t a decision I am making lightly. I knew there would be negative consequences but to me they are worth it. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. Does that make the consequences suck less? No not really but I am owning up to the decision I have made and I’m not changing my mind. I respect people’s opinions but I’m bad at just taking them if I feel like I am being attacked and for that I apologize I really am working on listening to what people have to say. I’m not working on agreeing with them or changing my mind but I am working on understanding their concerns and not just blowing them off right away.

That isn’t why I’m distracted though. I am distracted because I miss my best friend and I just want to start my life with him even though it is going to be hard in some aspects crazily enough I know it will be easy because I know we will be able to figure out what life throws at us together. Which sounds cliche but it is what I think. We will work together and I just can’t wait to have him here with me.

-An extraordinary no one who is missing her friend

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Neglect   Leave a comment

I have been neglecting my blog. Probably since I missed that day the other day so I knew that my goal was no longer possible for May. Then I got all tired and stressed so I was just like nope. And I’m still kinda like that so goodnight sorry for neglecting you.

-An extraordinary no one who is pretty glad she only works one job tomorrow

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The Truth   Leave a comment

Even though it is past midnight and I already missed this day, I am still going to write. On my way home from work, The Truth by Jason Aldean came on and I couldn’t help but be thankful. If things had gone differently then they are going right now, I probably would have started balling my eyes out and had to change the station. But now…..

I can listen to the song. I can listen to all the songs that remind me of you. That remind me of us and I can just be happy. I can listening to As She’s Walking Away¬†and just smile because that isn’t the song that you have for me. I can smile knowing that neither one of us with have to stand outside the fire. That we don’t have to live our lives knowing what could have been but never actually having in. I am just thankful. My life may be crazy a lot of the time but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

-A grateful extraordinary no one

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A thing I should do   Leave a comment

I should really pre-write some posts that I can just publish when I am way too tired to function like I am tonight. Guess I will do that next time I have some free time…… yeah so that could take awhile. So, I guess for tonight all I got is this. Hope everyones day is going just peachy.

-An extraordinary no one who is going to sleep now

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Legs, abs, arms then more legs. That was my rotation tonight that I was testing out definitely broke a sweat. Did kettle bell stup ups then crunches with an exercise ball, followed by modified push-ups using those rope and handles that come of of cages in the gym and lastly ab extenders with the exercise ball. And rinse and repeat. I have also come to realize I have really thrown grammar out the window on these things. I will work on it but for now I’m going to the house and talking to someone pretty awesome.

– an extraordinary no one who did in fact hit the gym

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Treadmills, food, and hell   Leave a comment

I ran on my first treadmill today which is weird. I definitely get how you could fall off of one of those things if you got it going to fast. It was a strange adjustment but I went for a run. Right after I ate….. bad idea. Which I knew but I really do have a weakness for food. See, my logic has been since I am a generally active person I can just eat whatever I want. Which, is only half true. I am working on it. Including with what I drink. I am only letting myself drink one glass of something that is not water everyday. (including milk which for anyone that knows me knows that that one will be a struggle. My boyfriend always teases me cause he swears up and down I am drinking milk every time we skype which I swear isn’t true but I guess he doesn’t get it, poor guy doesn’t know what it is like to have access to Wisconsin milk. Well, at least for now anyways.) All this should hopefully help me with my pt test.

To my last thing: Hell. Right now I am struggling with the fact that I am in the wrong. And so is one of my close friends. We have two very different situations but we went to the same high school and were taught the same thing through out all that. We were taught what was wrong and right. It isn’t like I don’t know. But I was also taught that God forgives no matter what. He loves you no matter what. No strings attached and that is what I cling to. I stand by my decisions. They aren’t going to change but neither is the fact that my God loves me. I am getting used to people telling me I am wrong on a daily basis and it makes it a real struggle for me to remember that but that is what I have and that is what I am sticking to. Life isn’t perfect. Humans are far from perfect and doing what is ‘right’ isn’t always the right thing to do. Life isn’t black and white. There is way to much gray area to treat every situation the same.

-An extraordinary no one who is thoughtful tonight

2.19 miles

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