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I am really trying to kick my butt in shape. Hence why I joined a gym because the problem I have is motivation and I figured if I am paying for something I am gonna be more motivated to do it. Plus the gym I joined is pretty kick ass. As part of my membership, I got a free consult with a personal trainer and he gave me some tips on how to train for my half marathon. He informed me that it wasn’t good for me to be running every day. That my goal should be about 3-4 times a week. A sprint day, a long day and a pace day then tack on a random one if I want to. Then the other days he suggested full body work outs. This is the weekly plan that I am going to follow or at least try my best to:

Monday: Long run! (long run Mondays has always been a tradition for me back from when I ran cross country)

Tuesday: Full body work out of some sort

Wednesday: Sprints!

Thursday: More full body

Friday: Pace run (medium length)

Saturday: Push-up, sit-up drill (kinda  little bit of a break but still something)

Sunday:  Cardio non-running.

And there we have it. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this.

-An extraordinarily nothing who has some hard work ahead of her

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