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To say this is to not say that I have a problem with people lying but I have a problem with lying. I have always been a person that cares about what people think about me, even if I pretend not to. So I have fell into a nasty habit. I bend the truth and even flat out lie to people if I think they will judge me because of the truth. This goes from the current situation I am in to little things like lying about my work outs. I need to stop.

I Am Sorry

This is my second problem that I deal with. I say I am sorry way too much. I am almost always apologizing for who I am. For the choices I make. For my personality. For my quirks. For everything. Which I am pretty sure has a big thing to do with my first problem. I lie so I don’t have to apologize and if I don’t lie I apologize for who I am. Well I am done.

I am done being so caught up what other people will think about me that I am terrified of people seeing me as I really am. It is why I don’t have many people I am close to. I don’t trust myself to be the kind of person that people love and get along with just being myself. It is going to be a struggle but I am going to work on it and I think I know some people that will help me out.

-An extraordinary nothing who is working on it


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