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This is a concept that I got from one of my teachers. He used to say that “Happiness is a crowd of small pleasures.” Which I am sure he got from somewhere but he never shared that with us. Pretty much, he meant to share with us to take life for the little things. A Happy bag is something that you can go to when you are down or even just board that is filled with things that make us happy. Here is mine:

FullSizeRender (8)

‘The Outsiders’

I have this in my bag because it is my all time favorite book and I have reread it so many times. It always makes me cry but I also really enjoy reading it.

The Bible 

Okay so you all might be thinking that having the bible in here is a cop out but it is truly something that can bring me comfort.


Right now it happens to be Jolly Ranchers but I am sure that will change once I eat them all because who doesn’t like candy when they are sad?

A deck of cards

I love cards. Even just playing solitary can occupy my mind for hours so yes I have cards.


I have notes that were written to me by someone very awesome and important in my life and they always manage to put a huge smile on my face.


When I was younger, I used to write all over my arms in Sharpie it kind of because a comforting thing for me when I was down.

Notepad and pen 

I mean I am a writer after all.


So I can escape and listen to some good tunes.

-An extraordinary no one who is Happy


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