Indian food and a burger joint   2 comments

So on some days, I go back and write about things I have done on my list (or at least worked to). One of the things on my list was to visit twenty new restaurants. Here are two of them. The first one is an Indian food place in my town. Sai Ram Indian Cuisine is the name of the place. I went there for my 18th birthday with my ex-boyfriend (obviously my boyfriend at the time.) Despite how that relationship ended, it was some pretty darn tasty food and I hope to go back someday. It is the first time I had Indian food (and the only place that I have had Indian food). I was delightfully surprised.

Now for the burger joint…. When I was in Texas I went to Whataburger with a group for friends in training and then also with my boyfriend a couple of times (okay a lot of times I am pretty sure that we went their every time we went off post). Awesome burgers and awesome onion rings. It is definitely a bummer that the nearest one to me is 12 hours and 25 minuets away.

-An extraordinary no one who likes food

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2 responses to “Indian food and a burger joint

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