Treadmills, food, and hell   Leave a comment

I ran on my first treadmill today which is weird. I definitely get how you could fall off of one of those things if you got it going to fast. It was a strange adjustment but I went for a run. Right after I ate….. bad idea. Which I knew but I really do have a weakness for food. See, my logic has been since I am a generally active person I can just eat whatever I want. Which, is only half true. I am working on it. Including with what I drink. I am only letting myself drink one glass of something that is not water everyday. (including milk which for anyone that knows me knows that that one will be a struggle. My boyfriend always teases me cause he swears up and down I am drinking milk every time we skype which I swear isn’t true but I guess he doesn’t get it, poor guy doesn’t know what it is like to have access to Wisconsin milk. Well, at least for now anyways.) All this should hopefully help me with my pt test.

To my last thing: Hell. Right now I am struggling with the fact that I am in the wrong. And so is one of my close friends. We have two very different situations but we went to the same high school and were taught the same thing through out all that. We were taught what was wrong and right. It isn’t like I don’t know. But I was also taught that God forgives no matter what. He loves you no matter what. No strings attached and that is what I cling to. I stand by my decisions. They aren’t going to change but neither is the fact that my God loves me. I am getting used to people telling me I am wrong on a daily basis and it makes it a real struggle for me to remember that but that is what I have and that is what I am sticking to. Life isn’t perfect. Humans are far from perfect and doing what is ‘right’ isn’t always the right thing to do. Life isn’t black and white. There is way to much gray area to treat every situation the same.

-An extraordinary no one who is thoughtful tonight

2.19 miles

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