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“The beginning of the rest of your life”

I always found this to be a really cheesy saying. My life already started and of course this is going to be the beginning of the rest of my life because the only thing that will come after any point in your life is the rest of your life. Maybe, I am taking it too literal but I always thought it was just a poorly designed expression.

And yet….

That is kind of how I feel right now.

I have vaguely mentioned things about my relationship on here and I am happy to say that he finally made it to me. He moved from Oregon to Wisconsin and I am forever going to be grateful for that.


My life with him is just starting and it has already been pretty amazing. Some could argue that is is awesome because it is just starting but getting to date and live with your best friend is something that has a different kind of happiness too it.

Before I start getting all mushy and boring on this though let me tell you about some of the adventures we have had so far….

Well for starters, I have now been to Wisconsin Dells. (since its military appreciation week at Noah’s Ark and so we got a stellar deal… ok so we got it for free and so we just took my car since it has pretty bomb gas millage.) It was awesomely fun and I can’t believe that I have lived in Wisconsin so long and never have gone and then Tidd (my boyfriend… well his last name what do you expect we met in the army we don’t use each other’s first names) went there after a few days of being here.

I of course felt like I had to induct him to Wisconsin with festivities such as cheese curd eating and Rocky Rococo dinning. He has already started helping me get back in shape for my PT test by running with me places. (like the Flag Day parade that we went to.) And he already met my parents so that was pretty cool.

This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it goes but I do know it is going to be damn amazing.

-An extraordinary no one who feels like someone’s extraordinary everything


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I was going to write this post on my birthday (June 5th) but I completely forgot about it. So a year ago on my birthday I started my challenge. I still have a whole bunch more to do on my list but I have also accomplished a lot in my past year. It is crazy to think how fast things change in just a year. I’m excited to see where my next year will take me but I’m really excited. My life is looking up.

-An extraordinary no one

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I took a test to pass medicine today at my job. It was pretty exciting and frankly pretty easy. I have a feeling that the job I’m at doesn’t really challenge me. It does at points but when it does I always feel like I’m not allowed to use my own brain to fix the problem at hand. Hopefully being allowed to med pass with help with that but I guess we shall see. I’m excited to be a med passer but at the same time I still wish I could be working in emergency medicine but you have to be 21 to work at the ambulance company in my town. Right now though I just hoped that I passed. I don’t get to find out til Monday.

– An extraordinary possible med passing no one

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I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately since I don’t have internet at my new place yet. The topics have ranged from stalking to slut shamming to human gene splicing and honey traps. I’m gonna write about honey traps. A honey trap is a young female who also happens to be an assassin. The KGB would use lip stick guns and then have these attractive females flirt with men that aren’t really the type to be flirted with. Older, out of shape, balding. Then get them close and shot them with the lip stick gun and then move on to the next guy with a new gun of course since the lip stick guns are only one shot.

This made me laugh.

It is kind of something you would hear out of a cheesy murder mystery or something but I guess if it works….. go for it. Men find women (especially attractive ones) less threatening. Like ‘oh this hot girl is flirting with me! Awesome!’ and dead. That is pretty much how I imagine that one going down.

-An extraordinary no one who has a twisted sense of humor

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Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am an 18 year old. I am a kid by most people’s standard’s incapable of making good life decisions if it disagrees with what people older and wiser then me are saying. My judgement is clouded and I am naive and will believe anything that people tell me as long as it has a nice shiny wrapper.

I could soap box right now. Because I’m not going to lie it is frustrating to feel like no one is on your side (which I know isn’t true I do have a few supportive people who I am extremely thankful for). I’m not going to though. Well I was…. But then I had a conversation with my boyfriend and we started talking about logistics of us living together. And it made me realize something that made me smile. Soon I and he are going to be together. All of the people that disagree with our decision aren’t going to be swayed by what I say right now. They might be swayed by what happens years down the road and if they aren’t then that is something that I will be clean of. I am not good at saying what I feel and explaining my decisions. I am not good with words and that has probably harmed this process. I’m awkward but soon I’m gonna be awkward and in the arms of an amazing person that loves me.

Right now, my life isn’t great. Things are messy and complicated. I have a very strong feeling though that soon it is not going to matter.

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am an 18 year old. I understand why you are concerned. I have been concerned at one point for many of the same reasons. I think through my decisions and where I may take people on their word, I do think about it and make sure that it makes sense. I have never regretted a decision I have made and I don’t plan on starting the habit. I believe people deserve to be happy. Because miserable people don’t make this world a better place.

-An extraordinary no one who sees that it is worth it

(p.s. in case you were wondering this blog post was inspired by a conversation that I had with a friend and mentor of my boyfriend today and the conversation I had with my boyfriend following. Cause it probably would have just been a soap box if it was about the first cause let’s face it sometimes people just need to vent it is in our nature. That and I can never think of stuff to say until after the fact it is really annoying actually. I think that is why I am better at writing then I am talking. )

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Moving and such   2 comments

Yesterday, marks a very important time in my life. Yesterday, I finally moved in to my apartment. Obviously, it took some time in between signing the lease and moving in but I couldn’t be happier. (well I could be but that will come when the 15th rolls around) Anyways….. I moved out today with the help of a friend (thanks friend you are the best!) and we accomplished it in a pretty short amount of time. I mean pretty much everything I own fits in the back of my parents’ SUV which they so awesomely let me borrow. (Thanks parent!)

This is how my day kind went. I woke up at like 8 realized that I still had a bunch to pack. Got a little distracted and didn’t actually start until 9. My friend was planning on coming to my parent’s place at 10 to help me start packing up. So I kinda just started tossing the rest of my stuff into boxes and figured that if I missed anything that my parents live like 15 minutes away from me so I can just go pick it up. My friend got there at like 10 and I woke my mom up since she said I could to get some help with the bed. Which was a good thing since the seats were being weird and I couldn’t figure out how they went down, I always thought that they were broken, but it turns out that moms are magic. So we got the bed and all of my stuff in there and drove back to my place. We took a little break. My friend commented on how obnoxiously colored and vaguely ghetto my new place it (which it is I will admit to both of them but good thing I will soon have someone here to protect me, the obnoxious colors I can’t really change but that okay because it makes me laugh). Then we got to moving my stuff in which took way less time than I thought it would. So after all the boxes were in and my parents SUV was empty we figured that food would be a good idea. We went to a pasta type food place that is right by my apartment and chowed down on some good food and talked about life. Then we went to my place and my awesome friend helped me to start unpack. I still have a long way to go and she had to keep keeping me on track because I tend to get distracted when I am excited but it was nice to have help to start.

I’m excited to be moved out and starting this strange adventure of adulthood that I am just beginning.

-An extraordinary nothing who will let you know how adulating goes

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