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I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately since I don’t have internet at my new place yet. The topics have ranged from stalking to slut shamming to human gene splicing and honey traps. I’m gonna write about honey traps. A honey trap is a young female who also happens to be an assassin. The KGB would use lip stick guns and then have these attractive females flirt with men that aren’t really the type to be flirted with. Older, out of shape, balding. Then get them close and shot them with the lip stick gun and then move on to the next guy with a new gun of course since the lip stick guns are only one shot.

This made me laugh.

It is kind of something you would hear out of a cheesy murder mystery or something but I guess if it works….. go for it. Men find women (especially attractive ones) less threatening. Like ‘oh this hot girl is flirting with me! Awesome!’ and dead. That is pretty much how I imagine that one going down.

-An extraordinary no one who has a twisted sense of humor


Posted June 3, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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