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Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am an 18 year old. I am a kid by most people’s standard’s incapable of making good life decisions if it disagrees with what people older and wiser then me are saying. My judgement is clouded and I am naive and will believe anything that people tell me as long as it has a nice shiny wrapper.

I could soap box right now. Because I’m not going to lie it is frustrating to feel like no one is on your side (which I know isn’t true I do have a few supportive people who I am extremely thankful for). I’m not going to though. Well I was…. But then I had a conversation with my boyfriend and we started talking about logistics of us living together. And it made me realize something that made me smile. Soon I and he are going to be together. All of the people that disagree with our decision aren’t going to be swayed by what I say right now. They might be swayed by what happens years down the road and if they aren’t then that is something that I will be clean of. I am not good at saying what I feel and explaining my decisions. I am not good with words and that has probably harmed this process. I’m awkward but soon I’m gonna be awkward and in the arms of an amazing person that loves me.

Right now, my life isn’t great. Things are messy and complicated. I have a very strong feeling though that soon it is not going to matter.

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am an 18 year old. I understand why you are concerned. I have been concerned at one point for many of the same reasons. I think through my decisions and where I may take people on their word, I do think about it and make sure that it makes sense. I have never regretted a decision I have made and I don’t plan on starting the habit. I believe people deserve to be happy. Because miserable people don’t make this world a better place.

-An extraordinary no one who sees that it is worth it

(p.s. in case you were wondering this blog post was inspired by a conversation that I had with a friend and mentor of my boyfriend today and the conversation I had with my boyfriend following. Cause it probably would have just been a soap box if it was about the first cause let’s face it sometimes people just need to vent it is in our nature. That and I can never think of stuff to say until after the fact it is really annoying actually. I think that is why I am better at writing then I am talking. )

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