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“The beginning of the rest of your life”

I always found this to be a really cheesy saying. My life already started and of course this is going to be the beginning of the rest of my life because the only thing that will come after any point in your life is the rest of your life. Maybe, I am taking it too literal but I always thought it was just a poorly designed expression.

And yet….

That is kind of how I feel right now.

I have vaguely mentioned things about my relationship on here and I am happy to say that he finally made it to me. He moved from Oregon to Wisconsin and I am forever going to be grateful for that.


My life with him is just starting and it has already been pretty amazing. Some could argue that is is awesome because it is just starting but getting to date and live with your best friend is something that has a different kind of happiness too it.

Before I start getting all mushy and boring on this though let me tell you about some of the adventures we have had so far….

Well for starters, I have now been to Wisconsin Dells. (since its military appreciation week at Noah’s Ark and so we got a stellar deal… ok so we got it for free and so we just took my car since it has pretty bomb gas millage.) It was awesomely fun and I can’t believe that I have lived in Wisconsin so long and never have gone and then Tidd (my boyfriend… well his last name what do you expect we met in the army we don’t use each other’s first names) went there after a few days of being here.

I of course felt like I had to induct him to Wisconsin with festivities such as cheese curd eating and Rocky Rococo dinning. He has already started helping me get back in shape for my PT test by running with me places. (like the Flag Day parade that we went to.) And he already met my parents so that was pretty cool.

This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it goes but I do know it is going to be damn amazing.

-An extraordinary no one who feels like someone’s extraordinary everything


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