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Birthday Present   2 comments

It has been a while since my birthday but I never wrote about the gift that I got from my boyfriend. He has told me many times that it is his goal to help me cross everything of of my list. So for my birthday he got me a gift card to get a professionally done massage. I honestly like his massages better but that is probably cause I love him and I had a woman do my massage. There is nothing wrong with that but she just didn’t give a hard massage. I’m sure she would have if I had asked but it was my first massage and I didn’t exactly knew how it worked. I will admit it was very relaxing though but that was probably the comfy massage table, dim lights, and music.

It was an experience I’m glad I had but probably not one that I will invest money in again (I mean it was a gift but I think you get the point).

-An extraordinary no one who is grateful for her boyfriend


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Wisdom teeth   Leave a comment

Today, I got all of my wisdom teeth pulled out. That’s right all four of them, no fun right?

I was awake the whole time which was kind of weird but my mouth was numbed up real good. My bottom left wisdom tooth though had to get numbed up two extra times because it was sharp and painful when they tried to pull it out. At first they tried re-numbing the gum but then the dentist asked where the pain was and I told him it felt like it was inside the tooth. So he stuck a needle in my tooth and that fixed the problem. They also had to numb up the left top of my mouth but that one wasn’t nearly as tricky.

They said that it went well. So now I’m just sitting at home with tea bags in my mouth and watching The Dark Knight hoping that my stomach starts to feel better, waiting for my boyfriend to get home.

-A hurting extraordinary no one

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Bumper cars and man made lakes   Leave a comment

Wisconsin has a lot of weird oddities about it. What with the cheese heads and the cows and the random and strange festivals. (again I will work on my punctuation and grammar one of these days) We have some pretty cheap and very fun forms of entertainment like man made lakes and amusement parks. It gets hot in Wisconsin so obviously swimming seems like a great weekend activity. (that and I got a really cute swimsuit on a really kick ass sale so of course I’m gonna want to hit the beach.) They even had diving boards which I can only really jump off of but I learned that my boyfriend knows how to do a flip or two even if his form is kind of spastic. It is better then I can do so I guess I shouldn’t make fun of him. But let’s be real…. I’m still going to it is how we work.

After our fun swimming adventure, we went to Bay Beach. It is a cheap amusement park but that doesn’t down play the fun. I end up with an upset stomach because of all the spinning but it was over all a good day. My favorite was when we went on the bumper cars when my boyfriend told this little boy in between us that he should help him destroy me and then I turning and told him that he should help me out and the kid looked at us all confused and was like “But I thought you were a couple?” To which we told him that we were. “Then why do you want to destroy each other?” The kid was pretty confused. My boyfriend asked him what he would do if his best friend was out there. And the kid said he would want to go after him. He kind of got it after then but said he was just going to go after both of us. So we just teased him that we would tag team him. There was a perfect opportunity but I got stuck in a pile up. It was good fun even if it did get cut short because of my stomach.

IMG_2890 IMG_2893 IMG_2896 IMG_2898 IMG_2900 IMG_2901 IMG_2905

-An extraordinary no one who loves to have fun

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Darby   Leave a comment

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before at all but I am really hard core sucking at this month challenge. It is a lot harder that I think it will be and I keep failing which is a bummer maybe I just have to not say I am going to complete it on the first day of the month and I will get it maybe I will try that for August. Will you know though…? Nope cause I’m not going to say anything. Well anyways since I haven’t been posting about all my fun adventures I have been having.

Like getting a snake!!!!!!

Ok so my boyfriend and I have both always wanted a snake and we were taking about it over lunch one time…… and there was a pet store right there…..and the snake was on sale……..(which seems strange to me that a living creature can be on sale but it worked out for us so I’m not complaining)……and the tank was on sale…..and even the little snake furniture was on sale…..(for the record no idea what they are called but snake furniture sounds like a great way of putting it)……so long story short……we got a snake…..and named him Darby!

Darby and I

Darby and I

snake tidd

My boyfriend and Darby

We feed him frozen baby mice once a week they will get bigger as he grows bigger and obviously we thaw them before we feed him. He is fun to handle and has only bit my boyfriend once but that’s only because he woke him up. So I mean its pretty much the same reaction I have when he wakes me up in the morning so I don’t even blame him for that one. He just shed his skin so we can’t hold him for a little bit but he is doing quite all right in our family.

-An extraordinary snake owning no one

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Midnight bike ride   Leave a comment

Taking a midnight bike ride may sound a little weird but I promise it was all in the name of pizza. I’m know this was just a ploy to have me work out (since we could have just driven to Walmart which I pointed out multiple times on the way there and back). It was actually kind of fun though minus my now soar butt from the bike seat. And a good work out so that is always a plus I guess.

The biggest plus is definitely the frozen pizza though that is for sure.

-An extraordinary nothing who really likes pizza

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Bug bites and Mac n’ cheese   Leave a comment

Things I really need to remember:

That bug spray is a God-send and you are never too old to get excited about mac n’ cheese. Today, the man and I went geocaching and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. A thing that you should know about mosquitoes and I is that I am allergic to mosquitoes so pretty much my bites swell up big. For an example when I was really little I got bit in 3 or the corners of my eyes and needless to say I’m pretty sure three year old me couldn’t see out of my eyes very well. The pictures of that camping trip are the only ones from when I am a kid that I’m not smiling.


Yeah… I’m the really small grumpy looking one.

So mosquitoes are teased to be Wisconsin’s state bird which I think my boyfriend has learned fairly quickly seeing as we spend a lot of times in the great out doors.

-A bug bitten extraordinary nothing

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A lack of words   Leave a comment

I have days where I have so many words and so many things that I want to say I just don’t know how exactly to say them. Today that is just not the case. I have a lack of words. So sorry if this is a short post but I really just don’t know what to say or do.

-An extraordinary no one

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