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I haven’t actually been out to see fireworks since I was a kid. I was always marching in parades on the Fourth or I was stuck in barracks as the case was last year. This year I finally got to go again this year with my boyfriend (on the third not the fourth since the fourth is my holiday to work). The shot them off over this lake and we were right on the shore of it. There was a little girl next to us who was terrified by the noise and was begging her mom to go home but once she figured out how to cover her ears effectively she seemed thoroughly intrigued by the show. I guess kids are pretty weird like that but I guess adults are kind of the same. They get off put by new things until they can make it work for them. A constant life of tweaking circumstances to make them what we want. Which some people think is selfish.

I’m not one to judge if that fact is true or not but I’m going to live in happiness. Cause that is how I roll. How am I supposed to be any good to anyone else if I do no good for myself.

-An extraordinary no one who is gonna enjoy life


Posted July 4, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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