Bug bites and Mac n’ cheese   Leave a comment

Things I really need to remember:

That bug spray is a God-send and you are never too old to get excited about mac n’ cheese. Today, the man and I went geocaching and got eaten alive by mosquitoes. A thing that you should know about mosquitoes and I is that I am allergic to mosquitoes so pretty much my bites swell up big. For an example when I was really little I got bit in 3 or the corners of my eyes and needless to say I’m pretty sure three year old me couldn’t see out of my eyes very well. The pictures of that camping trip are the only ones from when I am a kid that I’m not smiling.


Yeah… I’m the really small grumpy looking one.

So mosquitoes are teased to be Wisconsin’s state bird which I think my boyfriend has learned fairly quickly seeing as we spend a lot of times in the great out doors.

-A bug bitten extraordinary nothing


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