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I don’t know if I have mentioned this before at all but I am really hard core sucking at this month challenge. It is a lot harder that I think it will be and I keep failing which is a bummer maybe I just have to not say I am going to complete it on the first day of the month and I will get it maybe I will try that for August. Will you know though…? Nope cause I’m not going to say anything. Well anyways since I haven’t been posting about all my fun adventures I have been having.

Like getting a snake!!!!!!

Ok so my boyfriend and I have both always wanted a snake and we were taking about it over lunch one time…… and there was a pet store right there…..and the snake was on sale……..(which seems strange to me that a living creature can be on sale but it worked out for us so I’m not complaining)……and the tank was on sale…..and even the little snake furniture was on sale…..(for the record no idea what they are called but snake furniture sounds like a great way of putting it)……so long story short……we got a snake…..and named him Darby!

Darby and I

Darby and I

snake tidd

My boyfriend and Darby

We feed him frozen baby mice once a week they will get bigger as he grows bigger and obviously we thaw them before we feed him. He is fun to handle and has only bit my boyfriend once but that’s only because he woke him up. So I mean its pretty much the same reaction I have when he wakes me up in the morning so I don’t even blame him for that one. He just shed his skin so we can’t hold him for a little bit but he is doing quite all right in our family.

-An extraordinary snake owning no one


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