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Today, I got all of my wisdom teeth pulled out. That’s right all four of them, no fun right?

I was awake the whole time which was kind of weird but my mouth was numbed up real good. My bottom left wisdom tooth though had to get numbed up two extra times because it was sharp and painful when they tried to pull it out. At first they tried re-numbing the gum but then the dentist asked where the pain was and I told him it felt like it was inside the tooth. So he stuck a needle in my tooth and that fixed the problem. They also had to numb up the left top of my mouth but that one wasn’t nearly as tricky.

They said that it went well. So now I’m just sitting at home with tea bags in my mouth and watching The Dark Knight hoping that my stomach starts to feel better, waiting for my boyfriend to get home.

-A hurting extraordinary no one

Posted July 28, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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