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It has been a while since my birthday but I never wrote about the gift that I got from my boyfriend. He has told me many times that it is his goal to help me cross everything of of my list. So for my birthday he got me a gift card to get a professionally done massage. I honestly like his massages better but that is probably cause I love him and I had a woman do my massage. There is nothing wrong with that but she just didn’t give a hard massage. I’m sure she would have if I had asked but it was my first massage and I didn’t exactly knew how it worked. I will admit it was very relaxing though but that was probably the comfy massage table, dim lights, and music.

It was an experience I’m glad I had but probably not one that I will invest money in again (I mean it was a gift but I think you get the point).

-An extraordinary no one who is grateful for her boyfriend

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