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Today my boyfriend had a huge discussion at work about Golden Corral (a buffet of awesome) and my boyfriend got really excited cause they apparently don’t have them where he used to live so he really wanted to go. So we went. And stuffed ourselves…… Which was awesome at the time but now my stomach is telling me that it was a poor life choice. Funny thing that happened though was some parents almost handed over their daughter to us…. ok not really but we were joking around with them. My boyfriend said she was cute and they told us we could have her and it became a running joke the whole night. The girl was pretty excited that we had a snake though; her brother kinda thought snakes were gross.

After Golden Corral, we headed to Walmart to get some groceries. Why am I telling you this? Well because a significant thing happened on the way home. I drove…. my boyfriend’s jeep. It was mildly terrifying not because it was tough to drive. I am actually more used to driving something like his jeep then I am my car. No it was because it is his jeep and I didn’t want to wreck it. Especially since he admitted to me today that he thinks I am a bad driver. But I didn’t crash it and we made it home safe.

-An extraordinary no one who is going to slip into a food coma now


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