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I just wanted to give an awesome shout out to this Walmart commercial. So this little boy in the commercial is working so hard. And everyone is like ‘oh it is probably for football or some other sports’ but no…….!

It’s for marching band! Marching band! And the Tuba none the less. I used to play the tuba in marching band, in case you were wondering. And I love this commercial. It feels like there is definitely a push for athletics being extremely important. Which I agree, they are. It is a great way for kids in school to keep in shape and yeah know learn team work and stuff. But also Marching band is awesome and yes a great way to stay in shape. I can personally attest to that one. That is what I really appreciate about this commercial.

On a side note, why does there need to be a commercial for a commercial on YouTube… doesn’t make sense.

-An extraordinary no one who finds joy in marching band


Posted August 29, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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