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A very long, yet fairly exciting and only a little bit emotional day. I am pretty tired so I am going to write about all my adventures tomorrow. But don’t worry they are pretty good ones.

-An extraordinary no one


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So…..   Leave a comment

Tonight’s run didn’t go so great. About .2 miles in and I started majorly hacking up some stuff. ( I know gross right) Like I was coughing so hard I had tears running down my face and almost puking kind of cough. It was no good. I tried to start running again, even though my boyfriend said we should just go home, and I started coughing again so we just went on a walk.

All of this is very frustrating to me. I have been sick since July and every time I feel like I am getting better I just regress again. I just want to be better again….

-a very frustrated extraordinary no one

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On my own   Leave a comment

I did something today that I haven’t done in a while. I ran on my own. It was kind of a pathetic run but I ran by myself.

Also tonight will be my first night working to night shift at my job so that should be interesting. Definitely going to have to bring some snacks to keep me awake cause that is what I do. Cause I love food.

-An extraordinary no one who has a long night ahead of her

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First day on the job   Leave a comment

Today, I started my new job. I honestly think I am going to fit good there. Hopefully I continue to be a good fit there and it doesn’t turn into a situation like my last job did. My immediate leadership seem to have their team in mind. And I seem to be a good fit with my clients. I am now working in a house with for disabled individuals.

In other news, I think that I am going to participate in nanowrimo. It is doable and I really am liking the idea that I had so yes. Time to start the research!

-An extraordinary no one who tends to put way too much on her plate

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What to do, what to do   Leave a comment

I have a decision to make. So two years ago (I think it was two years ago) I wrote a book. I wrote it for nanowrimo (national novel writing month) which is November. Last year I was in training so obviously I couldn’t do it. This year however….. I am back home and I kind of have an idea to what I would write about. It would take a bit of research and I already kind of have a lot on my plate. But it was something that I really enjoyed the first time

So… I have a decision to make. I am worried though that if I take on another project I will fail.

-An extraordinary no one who is thinking

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Motivate me    Leave a comment

I need some motivation. And I have bunches of it. The only problem is that they are external motivators I have nothing within myself. I’m all like yeah let’s do this shit, this motivates me but as soon as I am on my own it vanishes. I think that’s why I did so well at basic training I didn really have to motivate myself there were people their to do that for me. 

Which now I don’t really have. I have my unit but they are not there twenty four seven to help me out. I have my boyfriend but I can’t solely relie on him to motivate me. So I really just need to motivate myself. End of story. 

– an extraordinary no one who lacks self motivation 

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Hurry up and wait    Leave a comment

so I’m waiting in line right now waiting to do some kind of paperwork so I figured I would write my blog post for the day. The struggle of the day is my hair. 

So I have to wear it in a bun which is a pain to begin with but add in the fact that my hair is way shorter then it ever is it makes it even more difficult. Especially with having to dawn and doff (fancy terms for putting on and taking off) a gas mask. So my hair is being all stupid and long story short it is a struggle. 

-an extraordinar no one who doesn’t look like a squared away soldier right now 

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