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I know that I have posted about geocaching before. But last night, My boyfriend and I had an epic night of geocaching. We sought out to get his 500th cache and we got a first to find on the way. (A first to find is pretty much what it sound like. Once a cache is published, there is a race to find it first.) There was even a first to find prize of 20 dollars which we are going to use to get some supplies to make some epic caches. So far we have placed two together (one we are still waiting on getting approved) and we are planning on publishing another one tonight.

Geocaching is pretty awesome. It is a fun activity and is relatively cheap plus you have to use your brain as well. And your creativity when it comes to placing the caches. You can check out geocaching here: YAY! It is an awesome activity for everyone and even little kids. They even have caches that are designed to be awesome for children.

-An extraordinary no one who loves to find things

Posted September 1, 2015 by Extraordinary Nothing in Uncategorized

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